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Vidyaramba Montessori: Where Knowledge is Strength (Since 2003)

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Tariq

Do you live close to the old Airport Road?

You know, places such as HAL, Marathahalli, Basavanagar, Vignannagar, Kaggadasapura, CV Raman Nagar, and surrounding areas.

Looking for a Montessori for your tiny tots?

If so, consider Vidyaramba Montessori, based at Basavanagar, Bangalore.

Make your kids smarter!

Vidyaramba provides quality education in the Montessori curriculum, specialized for kids aged 3 to 6.

Vidyaramba Montessori lets your children grow, learn and excel in a safe and secure ambiance with well-trained educators.

They encourage and believe in individual learning and discovering!

Quick Info

Looking for some quick info? I hope this helps! 🙂

LocationBasavanagar, Off Old Airport Road, Bangalore
TimingsMon – Fri: 8 AM – 5 PM
Sat: 8 AM – 3 PM
Sun: Holiday
Nearest LandmarkNear Basavanagar bus stand
Phone Number98454 82246 / 98860 91242
Address196/1, 1st Main Road, Talacauvery Layout,
Basavanagar, Bangalore – 560037

About Vidyaramba Montessori

Vidyaramba Montessori, Christmas Celebrations

Nurturing young minds over the past 15 years with the Montessori syllabus, Vidyaramba has always aimed to provide quality education and contribute to a better society.

Started in 2003 by Mrs. Zahira with just one child, today, Vidyaramba has nurtured over 700+ young minds, which is made possible only with the team’s dedication and passion!

Vidyaramba Montessori incorporates the Montessori Method of teaching, which Maria Montessori discovered and has been practiced successfully for over a century.

The ultimate aim of the syllabus is to allow the children to learn by experience (hands-on) in a collaborative and enriching environment where children gain confidence in making decisions and are encouraged to grow to their full potential!

At Vidyaramba Montessori, knowledge is transferred to the little superstars at any cause.

The educators provide them with colorful and safe materials to help them learn, laugh, grow, and play in a much more interactive way.

The school is a classic small castle with a 100% safe ambiance, and yes, you heard ‘small’!

The reason is, their ultimate motto is to influence young minds with practical education added with ‘personalization,’ and this is possible with the minimum headcount.

This makes Vidyaramba stand out from other schools as they value education more than money.

Their educators spend time with the kids and their parents to discuss their child’s interests and shape them for modern society.

For busy parents, Vidyaramba Montessori provides online progress reports with comments on the child’s academic and behavioral progress, which ensures your child is taken utmost care of.

Moreover, Vidyaramba Montessori is more of a community, connecting parents, teachers, management, and staff who work and contribute towards every child’s education & enhancement!

Why Vidayaramba Montessori?

Vidyaramba takes the very definition of Montessori education, where students enjoy self-directed learning with creativity and collaboration, thus making learning a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for them.

Personalized Care

Each young mind thinks differently, and at Vidyaramba, they take individual care of your kids to make them feel ‘learning is easy and fun.’

Safe Ambience

The premises are 100% safety standard compliant as for them, the child’s safety is the first priority, thus making it a safe zone to learn and play!

Excellent Caretakers

Their highly trained and extremely talented educators are AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) certified professionals with an innate passion for educating young minds.

Montessori System

Vidyaramba Montessori incorporates the Montessori education system, one of the best child-centric educational approaches proven over the years.

The aim is to help the child develop a love for learning.


An aesthetically pleasing and colorful environment with high-quality amenities and learning materials that lets the child play, learn, and be brisk all day!


Safe and efficient transport services with experienced drivers and attendees who take utmost care of your child’s safety from home to school and back to home!

Our Programs

Toddler Schooling & Daycare

Toddlership is a time for astounding growth!

In this short time, your kid experiences an explosion of language, maturity, self-thinking, problem-solving, social interaction, and much more.

Thus, we at Vidyaramba provide your children a space to improve & enhance these abilities to grow physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally.

Language Development

Language is the most important factor at the Toddler stage of life as they should be able to express their feelings to others.

At this stage, he/she speaks two-word phrases to full sentences with incorrect grammar as they speak just the keywords they hear the most.

Thus, we in Vidyaramba help the children improve their spoken language by exposing them to real, rich, and varied sentences with varied vocabulary & grammar in the form of poems, songs, rhymes, reading practice & educator’s training.

This makes the child gain confidence to use speech in social settings.


In Vidyaramba, children are exposed to various sets of activities that stimulate the thinking capacity of each individual.

These activities let the child learn cause & effect, solve problems, gain confidence, achieve goals, make them convert thoughts into action.

Daycare Centre

We make Vidyaramba a second home for the children who get a safe ambiance, true friends, quality knowledge & self-confidence from our well-trained educators.

The full day-care program is scheduled to expose the children to art, craft, dance, music, and much more in our colorful castle.

This program is especially for those caring parents who get engaged with their profession all day but still want their children to be in a safe and enriching environment.

Yes! The place is Vidyaramba, a center for quality education for young minds.

Our daycare is handled by committed teachers and assistants who take individual care in ensuring the safety of every child.

They provide the day’s report to the parent, which helps them understand their kids better.


We at Vidyaramba sharpen your kids at this stage of nursery grade and make them school ready by providing them with the right array of activities needed for schooling, like reading, writing & counting.

This familiarizes them with letters & numbers, which makes them gain confidence in learning.

We at Vidayramba Montessori make each day memorable for your kids as they experience new activities with their fellow friends in our colorful atmosphere.

We are here to support your kid at every step of his/her learning life to make them win in this society.


In this grade, Vidyaramba concentrates on the child’s complete development academically and playing well with the basics.

The Montessori syllabus teaches the children the skills of daily living, classifying their impressions, basics of mathematical operations which increase their concentration power and to get well with the language with proper grammar.

In order to practice the above skills, we in Vidyaramaba provide quality kits & playing materials which let them practice on a daily basis to excel the same!


It is just version 2.0 of KG-1, which gives an extended practice on the syllabus of KG-1.

At this stage, the kids make themselves ready to transform into students to attend the regular grades as they get trained to master the basics of academics and other social skills to express themselves in the best way possible.

After School Care

Vidyaramba brings up the After School Care Program, where students up to age 10 can enhance their various extracurricular skills.

We have affiliated with the best partners who excel in teaching karate, music, painting, drawing, and handwriting.

Through our after-school care program, we want our children to explore and enjoy their interests.

By joining our After School Care Program, students get a chance to socialize, develop their skills and improvise their creative thinking capability in a safe and familiar setting.

What do Parents Have to say?

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Contact Vidyaramba Montessori

196/1, 1st Main Road, Talacauvery Layout,
Basavanagar, Bangalore – 560037


+91 – 98454 82246, 98860 91242



Distance from:

HAL – 3 KM
Marathahalli – 4 KM
BEML Gate – 3.7 KM
Leela Palace – 5.3 KM
Indiranagar – 5.6 KM

Wrapping Up

If you are residing around Old Airport Road and looking for a Montessori for your little ones, Vidyaramba Montessori is a great choice.

With certified teachers and staff, you know your kids are in safe hands.

Go ahead and contact Vidyaramba today! 🙂

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