Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Ovya Art Academy: Delivery Fine Arts Education

Want to be the next Michelangelo? Or maybe even better! *wink*

Ovya Art Academy is where you should enroll.

The art academy provides complete and wholesome education for students.

Located in Malleswaram, Bangalore, and close to Sankey Tank, the institution is well-known for providing the highest quality instruction to budding artists.

Ovya Art Academy offers art classes in several different disciplines, including oil painting, sketching, fine arts, and sculpture, among several others.

Students are encouraged to use their creative imagination and observe the finer details of the everyday environment.

Thus delivering lessons more practically.

The name OVYA was inspired by the founder, Sangeetha Srikishen’s niece OVYA, which means ARTISTE.

Art and painting have been instrumental in inspiring humans over the years, and Ovya Art Academy wants to keep this motivation alive among its students.

The academy promotes a wholesome environment that helps student build their creative potential to the greatest possible extent through an overall understanding of arts and artifacts.

Importance is also given to understanding the role of visual arts in the history of civilization and society.

The teachers are well-versed in various styles and techniques.

This helps them in providing comprehensive guidance for every pupil.

With an emphasis on excellence, Ovya Art Academy aims to shape the global future of arts allowing its members to reach for the highest artistic standards.

Support to Students

Ovya Art Academy provides a range of student support services to help you make the most of your time both academically and socially.

You’ll find help and information on several topics through literature, computer-based guidance advice, group sessions, individual advice, and guidance from the staff.


Ovya Art Academy is to deliver structured fine arts education in the most beneficial way to art lovers.

Money is not a driving factor; instead, the craving for art within oneself.

Hence, they offer the least expensive art education with highly experienced mentors and quality sessions than any other art school in Bangalore.


The academy communicates the language of art amongst people; connecting dots with Ovya will connect you with nature because everyone at the academy is a worshiper of Art.

They are passionate about delivering knowledge of art to aspirants and excel as the days pass.


FREE Demo Class

Refer my name ‘Tariq SP’ and avail a FREE demo class. Call 9686268115.

Contact Ovya Art Academy

42/4, East Park Road, Between 17th & 18th Cross,
Malleshwaram, Bangalore – 560055

Call Us
+91 96862 68115, 98452 52320

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