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Unleashing Business Potential with Total Solutions (27+ Years)

Last Updated on July 5, 2024 by Tariq

Total Solutions (Total Strategic Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.) is a professional business consulting services company with nearly three decades of experience and a proven track record in providing reliable financial advice.

The company is built on a strong foundation of knowledge, dedication, and passion.

Their services are designed to serve companies across various industries and of all sizes.

Quick Info

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LocationVignan Nagar, Bengaluru
Services OfferedRegistration
Accounts with or without Inventory
CFO or Virtual CFO and Advisory Services
HR Advisory
Direct Taxation
Indirect Taxation
Start-up Exclusive Services
MSME Exclusive Services
Exclusive Services for Overseas Entrepreneurs
Fund Syndication & Project Report
Education / Training
TimingsMon – Sat: 10 AM – 6 PM
Sunday: Closed
Nearest LandmarkNear Vignan Nagar Bus Stand
Phone Number080 4148 0813 | +91- 9845068263
AddressNo. 4A, Amrutha Srinivasa Nilayam, Ground Floor, 1st A Main Road, Vignan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560075


Total Solutions render a variety of services, such as business start-up registration, bookkeeping, payroll, compliance with direct and indirect taxes, regulatory compliance under various state-level and central laws, internal audits, process documents, customized services to individuals, firms, trusts, educational institutions, hospitals, corporate and multinationals, and more.

The accounting service packages are tailormade to provide you with the best-outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services.

Total Solutions, Bangalore

Outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting processes to Total Solutions will allow you to focus on the core functions of your business while also giving it the advantage of sound financial advice.

Their services are designed to provide all the requisite information & MIS in an easy-to-understand format.

All the services agreed upon shall form a part of the SLA with NDA.

Mission Statement

To fulfill the client’s objectives and power their success.

Vision Statement

The most valued asset is their client relationship.

Total Solutions aim to follow a disciplined process in decision-making to meet each of their client’s individual needs and provide them with more than satisfactory results.

Total Solutions: Core Values

  • Build a dedicated relationship
  • Always strive toward perfection
  • Build disciplined processes
  • Never compromise!

Why Total Solutions?

Years Of Trusted Experience Within The Group

Success Rate On All Tribunals Of Tax And Statutory

Reduction In Assessed Tax, Helping Builders Win Appeals

Retrieval Of Input Disallowed In Vat Assessment

Confidentiality & Data Privacy As Stated In The NDA

The Total Advantage

Over the years, Total Solutions have acquired extensive experience and knowledge in the field of accounting, allowing them to widen their scope of services.

Here are a few reasons why clients recommend Total Solutions,

Single Point of Contact

In comparison with traditional consultancy firms and in-house experts, there is no repetition or duplication of work when it comes to assignments, as all the activities are administered under one roof.

Traditional consultancy firms are hindered by their lack of specialization, which will, in turn, increase the duplication of work and reduce the control you have.


Total Solutions has been in the accounting services business for over 27 years.

The team is an excellent blend of knowledge that comes with experience and energy that comes with youthfulness.

Unlike traditional firms that need to search and consult with a number of specialists for every step of the process or in-house experts whose experience and expertise are limited to particular jobs, Total Solutions brings you the two-fold benefit of getting reliable financial advice without compromising the confidentiality of your financial transactions.

Multiple Branches

Total Solutions ensures that all your litigations and appeals are carried out in one place as they have multiple branches spread across cities.

Contrarily, traditional consultancy firms have a limited presence and are not as adept at complicated litigations and representations.

Moreover, maintaining an in-house legal department would be a sunk cost for your firm.

Leverage Technology

Clients do not have to waste time on multiple office visits as information is easily exchanged online.

Traditional methods take excessive time and effort compared to the team’s digital procedures.

Inhouse experts have all the data in one place but lack analytical abilities.

Total Security

All data exchange is secured within the organization under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

With traditional consultancy firms, there is a chance of data theft or mismanagement due to unreliable methods of data storage.

In-house experts are affected by employee turnover issues if the data is mismanaged on the server.

Total Solutions: Services Offered


Registration is an important part of establishing the legal identity of a business.

Accounts with or without inventory

You have the option of completely outsourcing your accounting activities to Total Solutions, where they become your outsourced Accounts Department.

CFO or Virtual CFO Advisory Services

Your business is growing, and along with it, the complexity of its financial management activities.

HR Advisor

Recruitment: Identifying and shortlisting the right candidate, assisting management in an interview / Selection process structuring.


Payroll accounting and payroll management involve tracking and calculating the compensation due to your employees.

Direct Taxation

Total Solutions’ direct taxation services are suitable for individual taxpayers and business clients.

Indirect Taxation

India is now One Tax, One Market, One Nation, with the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) effective 1st July 2017


Auditing is a vital part of a company’s accounting processes as it ensures that all transactions recorded are fair and accurate representations of the actual transactions undertaken by the company

Startup Exclusive Services

At Total Solutions, we aim to assist start-ups from the get-go.

MSME Exclusive Services

Total Solutions aims to provide MSME’s with everything they need to ensure that their growth and success are not hindered.

Exclusive Services for Overseas Entrepreneurs

Start your business in India, perform, progress, and go international – Total Solutions is keen to work with businesses with global aspirations.

Joint Venture, Amalgamation

Help in the joint venture and takeover amalgamation of companies.

Drafting of deeds, balance sheet, takeovers with asset valuation, reconstituting as a single entity.

Fund Syndication & Project Report

Whether you want to scale up operations or maintain liquidity, funding is integral to any business.

Education / Training

With their in-house expertise, Total Solutions would like to create good accountants and key managerial personnel and also help entrepreneurs in running a successful organization.

Contact Total Solutions

Total Strategic Solutions India Pvt Ltd, 854/1,
3rd floor, NMS Arcade, 8th B Cross, 6th Main Road,
New Thippasandra Post, Bangalore – 560 075


+91- 080 4148 0813, +91- 9845068263



Distances from:

Indiranagar – 4.5 KM
Leela Palace – 5.2 KM
BEML Gate – 2.4 KM
CV Raman Nagar – 5.0 KM

Wrapping Up: Your Pathway to Financial Excellence

In a world where financial acumen is key to unlocking success, Total Strategic Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. stands out as a beacon of guidance and expertise.

Their legacy of experience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to their clients makes them not just a consulting company, but a true partner in business growth.

With Total Solutions at your side, you’re not just navigating challenges; you’re embracing opportunities and steering your business toward excellence.

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