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Dr. Jayashree Bhat: An Exclusive Interview with a Woman in Ophthalmology

Last Updated on March 7, 2023 by Tariq

Dr. Jayashree Bhat has been a consultant ophthalmologist in Bangalore for the last 17+ years.

She specializes in cataract surgery and diabetic eye care.

She is also the founder of Eyedentity, a medical advisor to Robert Bosch health care, and is involved in research in artificial intelligence and telemedicine for rural health and preventive medicine.

Here are the details of the interview.

Interview with Dr. Jayashree Bhat

Tell us a bit about your professional background. How long have you been in the ophthalmology field?

Dr. Jayashree Bhat: I am a general ophthalmologist, cataract surgeon, and certified diabetic eye care specialist. Lately been working in areas of preventive medicine, Telemedicine, and Artificial intelligence in health care. My career span is about 17+ years, excluding three years of post-graduation.

What motivated you to choose ophthalmology as your profession?

Dr. Jayashree Bhat: Well, when I chose Ophthalmology, it was more of a practical decision because it’s a non-emergency specialty where I can find a better work-life balance! (laughs)

But later, I realized it’s a very noble, delicate, and satisfying profession. 

Tell us about Eyedentity. What provoked you to start this clinic?

Dr. Jayashree Bhat: After a decade of journey as a typical eye care doctor, I had an internal calling that I could not restrict myself only to the eye. The human body has to be approached and treated holistically.

Also, I connected with people on different aspects, including mental health, skincare, and weight issues, and I wanted to set up a center that looks beyond the eye! And which focuses on holistic and preventive health care.

That’s how Eyedentity was born. 

At Eyedentity, other than eye care, we have specialists in nutrition, skincare, and mental health.

Our approach is more holistic and preventive than curative. 

What are the common eye-related concerns in our country? 

Dr. Jayashree Bhat: Cataract is the leading cause of avoidable blindness all over the world and the same in India. It’s a common problem associated with age. And the blindness is 100% reversible by surgery involving removing cataracts using ultrasound energy (laser in layman’s language) and replacement with an intraocular lens.

As against the olden days, we currently have no stitches, injections, or daycare surgeries without hospitalization. And we recommend early removal of cataract than waiting till the person gets fully blind (mature cataract)

One more grave matter of concern is diabetic retinopathy, which is a global concern, and more so in India, which is the diabetic capital only next to China. Here, vision loss is irreversible. We are trying to do a lot of awareness for the public and also involving government to address this problem.

You might be shocked to know that of the 38 million blind people in the world, 18 million are in India. So we have the largest number of blind people in the world, and we need to take up vision-saving endeavors on a large scale involving not just healthcare personnel but also corporates, media, NGOs, volunteers, and government. 

Lastly, what drives you? How do you measure success?

Dr. Jayashree Bhat: Well, by nature, I am a very passionate person and put a lot of energy and involvement into whatever I do. I have probably inherited it from my parents and thank them for that.

Also, my teachers, mentors, and friends keep me encouraged at each point. My two lovely sons, who take pride in my work, add much joy to my life. Lastly, my patients are my best critics and motivators, ensuring I am giving them my best. 

So for me, success is measured not at the end but in enjoying each day’s process or journey! One day well-lived is one step forward into a great life, don’t you agree? 

You can reach Dr. Jayashree at 080-22447424 or mail

Eyedentity is located in JP Nagar, opposite Rajshekhar Home Care. The nearest metro station is Rashtreeya Vidyalaya Road.

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