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Sri Rakum School for the Blind and the Sighted Unprivileged (Since 1998)

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Sri Rakum School for the Blind and the Sighted Unprivileged is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 in Bangalore.

The school is dedicated to providing free education and vocational training for visually impaired children and those from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Over the years, the school has grown significantly and now serves 800+ students with a dedicated staff of educators and support staff.

Let’s dive in to learn more about this school based out of Indiranagar, Bangalore.

Sri Rakum School for the Blind: An Overview

Sri Rakum School for the blind and sighted underprivileged is a free residential school for the visually impaired, started in 1998.

Starting from the nursery, the school goes to the postgraduate level, preparing students for competitive entrance exams, such as the Civil Services.

Sri Rakum School for the Blind, Indiranagar Branch

All this helps the students take up relevant jobs to be part of mainstream society.

Sri Rakum School for the Blind believes in an integrated approach, where both the blind and sighted children study and grow up together.

Part of the training imparted includes writing and reading through Braille and mobility training for totally blind children.

In addition to the regular school curriculum, the children learn Carnatic music, Bharatanatyam, yoga, sports, karate, cooking, singing, and abacus.

An equal importance is given to vocational skills, ensuring the children build social skills and hence, confidence to go ahead in life.

The school has branches in Indiranagar and Devanahalli in Bangalore.

The school’s strength is approximately 800 students.

The school offers all facilities free thanks to the contributions and donations from well-wishers.

About Acharya Rakum Ji

Acharya Rakum Ji is the founder of Sri Rakum School for the Blind and has been a familiar face in Bangalore when it comes to helping and supporting the needy.

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While Rakum Ji (as he’s popularly called) wasn’t born with a golden spoon, he was always motivated from a very young age.

He’s been a notable athlete and a champ in long-distance running at school, high school, and University.

He passionately played football for the senior school team and was also interested and participated in Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, and Cricket.

Rakum Ji mastered the art of self-discipline by practicing Judo, Kalari, Gymnastics, Aikido, Preymantis kungfu, and Stick fighting.

At the young age of 17, Rakum Ji started his Dojo and ran it well.

At the age of 20, he was a certified Yoga teacher and, at 21, a Black belt and branch chief of the International Karate organization.

His intense passion led him to travel abroad to Japan and England.

From 1982 to 1993, Rakum ji was associated with several philanthropic activities, such as treating polio-affected kids.

In 1993, Rakum ji registered the trust “Temple of fighting no arts.”

80G Tax Exemption was granted by the government and was further continued as “Sri Rakum School for the Blind.”

Sri Rakum School for the Blind: Indiranagar Branch

Sri Rakum School for the Blind, Indiranagar Branch

Indiranagar is the main branch of Sri Rakum School for the Blind. It started in 1998 with just three students and now has over 100 students.

From preschool to post-graduation, students are also trained in yoga, karate, social skills, and other vocational skills.

Sri Rakum School for the Blind: Devanahalli Branch

Sri Rakum School for the Blind, Devanahalli Branch

The Devanahalli branch has 500+ children who come from the surrounding 26 villages.

Here, classes start from nursery and go up to the tenth standard.

A Goshala (cow shed) and a health care center are also attached.

Share a Ray of Hope – With The Rakum School for The Blind

Stories of Hope

Here is a student who’s studied at Sri Rakum School for the Blind and made it big.

Ms. Bhavya

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Bhavya studied in a government school till 9th standard and was born with perfect sight. Just like regular students, Bhavya was able to read and write. Due to a nervous problem In 9th standard, her sight started to decrease slowly.

Bhavya was then brought to Rakum and learned Braille in just three months.

She soon appeared for the SSLC exams and cleared them with a 73% score.

She then completed her B.A. and M.A. and is now a proud IAS aspirant.


Gnana Bangara Award (Golden Wisdom Award) – 2016

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Rakum Guruji received the Gnana Bangara Award for 2016 from Shri. Deve Gowda, the former Prime Minister of India, at a function held in Bangalore.

Kempegowda Award – 2016

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The Kempegowda Award is the highest civilian award that’s bestowed in Bangalore. Acharya Rakumjee received this prestigious award from Shri. Siddharamiah, the Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka, on the 11th of April 2017, at the Mayors BBMP Rajkumars Glasshouse.

How you can Help

Sri Rakum School for the Blind is looking for well-wishers to assist with our day-to-day activities.

You can donate using the following link:

Sri Rakum School for the Blind and the Sighted Unprivileged: Address and Contact

Address (Head Quarters)

Rakum School for The Blind,
No 421/I, Sri Krishna Temple Road,
Indiranagar Ist Stage,
Bangalore – 560 038

Nearest metro station: CMH Metro Station


Tel: +91 (80) 25215253 / +91 (80) 25215705


Bettanahalli – Tarahunse Raste Maragondanahalli,
Near Stone Hill International School,
Devanahalli Taluk,
Bangalore Rural – 562157



Sri Rakum School for the Blind and the Sighted Unprivileged: Location

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