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Chinnaswamy Stadium: The Ground That Holds a Glorious Cricket History

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Cricket is more than just a game in India. It’s the spirit that binds Indians unanimously.

The craze and compassion for cricket in India are beyond any measure, and the cricketing fanbase here is colossal.

Many cities and towns have ostentatiously built international-class stadiums where national and international cricket matches are played.

One very popular and swanky cricket stadium that serves as the home ground to the most enthusiastic cricket fans from all over the country is the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru.

An Overview

The Chinnaswamy Stadium, also referred to as the Karnataka State Cricket Association Stadium, is located in the center of the capital city of Bengaluru.

The Stadium serves as the home ground to Karnataka and the Royal Challengers Bengaluru and is spread across 16.5 acres.


Chinnaswamy Stadium Bangalore

The Chinnaswamy Stadium’s foundation was laid in the year 1969.

The stadium was initially named the Karnataka State Cricket Association Stadium, which was later changed to the Chinnaswamy Stadium in honor of M Chinnaswamy, the president of the Indian board, from 1977 until 1980.

The stadium was built as a humble abode, becoming a marquee venue with a 40,000 seating capacity, making it one of India’s premier cricket stadiums.


After its construction, the Chinnaswamy stadium was given test status in the year 1974.

The first test match played at the stadium was remarkable as it witnessed the debut of modern-day cricketing legends Sir. Viv Richards and Gordon Greenidge.

From hosting West Indies in its very first stint till now, thousands of matches have been played at the Chinnaswamy stadium.

The stadium was renovated once the two sides met each other, and floodlights were first installed in this stadium in the world-cup quarter finals 1996.

The Chinnaswamy Stadium is one of India’s most developed stadiums, equipped with floodlights, spacious seatings, high-quality playing surfaces, and pitches, maintained by its talented curator Narayan Raju.

Interesting Facts About the Stadium

Chinnaswamy Stadium during IPL

(Source: KSCA)

The Chinnaswamy stadium opened in 1969 and has been housing India’s National Cricket Academy since 2000.

This ground has witnessed the emergence of many budding cricketers and some unforgettable cricketing knocks.

Rohit Sharma scored his first double-century at the Chinnaswamy stadium in 2013.

Sachin Tendulkar’s last match as India’s test captain was also hosted by Bengaluru itself.

Mega cricketing knocks like Sunil Gavaskar’s 96, Micheal Clarke’s debut 100, and Anil Kumble’s 400th test wicket, among others, have all been achieved on the ground of the Chinnaswamy stadium itself.

The Chinnaswamy stadium is the home ground of the favorite IPL team Royal Challengers Bengaluru.

RCB plays all its home matches on this ground amidst the support of its loyal and boisterous supporters.

Facilities Provided in Chinnaswamy Stadium

  • The stadium is laden with floodlights which facilitates the conduction of D/N matches at the stadium with utmost ease
  • The stadium is the only one in India that is equipped with solar panels that are subsequently used to generate electricity
  • 40,000 seating capacity
  • State-of-the-art facilities are arranged for the players and press at the stadium
  • The BCCI has also established the National Cricket Academy at the Chinnaswamy since the year 2000

Upcoming Matches at Chinnaswamy (IPL 2023)

  • 29th April 2023: SRH vs. RCB
  • 2nd May 2023 : RCB vs. RR
  • 10th May 2023: RCB vs. CSK
  • 19th May 2023: RCB vs. PBKS
  • 25th May 2023: RCB vs. GT

Chinnaswamy Stadium Address

Mahatma Gandhi Road,
Near Cubbon Road,
Shivaji Nagar,
Bengaluru – 560001

How to Reach the Stadium

The simplest, though expensive, means of transportation to reach M Chinnaswamy directly is a taxi or cab.

Means of Metro transportation can also be used to reach the stadium.

The nearest metro station to the stadium is Cubbon Park, where you can simply book an auto and reach the point.

State-run BMTC buses can also be used to reach the destination.

Location Map


What is the ticket price of M Chinnaswamy Stadium?

The ticket prices at the Chinnaswamy stadium are very high compared to other stadiums in India. This year the ticket prices for an IPL match at the stadium are expected to start from INR 2500.

Why is Chinnaswamy Stadium famous?

The Chinnaswamy Stadium is famous for being a batting paradise for the batsmen in the shorter cricketing formats. The stadium is also supposed to help the pacers while bowling.

Is Chinnaswamy a small ground?

Yes, the Chinnaswamy Stadium is a small ground and hence is referred to as the batting paradise for the batsmen in the shorter cricketing formats. The stadium is spread across 16.5 acres.

Which is the biggest cricket stadium in Karnataka?

The Chinnaswamy Stadium is the biggest cricket stadium in Karnataka.

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