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Karavalli Bangalore: Boasts the Rich Flavors and the Regional Delights of India!

Last Updated on March 4, 2023 by Tariq

If you’re a fan of southwest coastal cuisine, you will want to take advantage of Karavalli!

It is an Indian restaurant that has become a beloved landmark for anyone who craves authentic southwest coastal cuisine.

The restaurant boasts the taste of Indian delicacies and serves veritable food from over six different regions of the country.

Recreating the authentic flavors of the past era and highlighting the rich cutlery heritage of India is what Karavalli is the best at!

The restaurant has set unparalleled standards with decadent ingredients, glorious recipes, and revolutionary cutlery techniques.

From the stunning ambiance to the delicious dishes, Karavalli bears a hint of Indian culture and is a perfect place for food enthusiasts.

Let’s dive into the article to know more!

The Story

Established in 1990, it has been more than 32 years since Karavalli tends to personify south Indian cuisines.

Karavalli entrance

(Source: Karavalli FB Page)

Karavalli emerged after the then-big boss at Taj, Ajit Kerkar, challenged the company’s then-executive director Camellia Panjabi to develop the concept of Gateway hotels.

After a successful play in the prominent cities of Bombay, Madras, and Calcutta, Camellia decided to build a south Indian restaurant in Bangalore.

The idea behind establishing Karavalli initially was to bring the authentic and richly flavored southwest coastal cuisines stretching from Goa to Kerala onto the plate.

The company was ambitious about this endeavor and wanted to preserve the age-old Indian recipes and cutlery traditions.

To personify the recipes of the best home cooks on the west coast and recreate the forgotten flavors of the glorious Indian history, Chefs were sent to meet the locals personally.

After years of intense research and connecting with the locals, the restaurant finally opened and exceeded expectations with its outstanding competence!

Karavalli still maintains supremacy when serving southwest coastal cuisines and is like no other anywhere in the world!

Karavalli The Ambiance

Karavalli Ambiance

(Source: Karavalli FB Page)

The ambiance is vibrant, lively, and soothing, offering customers a very pleasant and peaceful dining experience.

The design is inspired by the architecture of coastal India and is modeled on a traditional Mangalorean bungalow surrounded by lush green tamarind trees.

The vast and highly spacious restaurant offers ample room for accommodating multiple visitors comfortably.

The decadent space, rich flavors of the ingredients from the coast, peaceful and pleasant ambiance, rejuvenating drinks, welcoming staff, and delicious food makes Karavalli a must-visit restaurant in Bangalore.

Best Picks and Services

With a variety of delicious, splendid, and mouth-licking dishes mentioned extensively on its menu, Karavalli brings you the best and most unusual flavors and tastes to complement your taste buds.

The restaurant serves delicious food, and its influence has transformed how South Indian cuisines are perceived and prepared.

Karavalli Menu

(Source: Karavalli FB Page)

The management at Karavalli serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items.

Popular Items

  • Appam
  • Prawn Ghee Roast
  • Vegetable Stew
  • Squid Fry
  • Mango Curry
  • Neer Dosa
  • Kothimbir Vade
  • Kori Gassi
  • Avial
  • Kerala Sambhar
  • Indian Salmon
  • Sea Bass
  • Pothi Choru

Average cost of a meal for two

The average cost of a meal for two at Karavalli ranges between INR 2500-3000, which is ideal for the quality and taste of the food they serve.

Alcohol is also served at the restaurant for the ones who drink.

The restaurant serves various handpicked dishes seasoned with rich flavors to tantalize your taste buds!

The restaurant offers many special deals and discounts to allure its customers and enhance their dining experience.

Do visit their website to seal the deal!


Karavalli is located at:

Mahatma Gandhi Road,
66, Residency Rd, Bengaluru – 560025,
Karnataka, India

Phone: +919845894343, +919538638137


Instagram: @karavalli.taj


The restaurant is open every day from 12:30 PM to 3 PM and 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM.

How to Reach Karavalli

Various modes of transportation can be used to reach Karavalli.

The easiest and the most convenient way would be to book a cab and get down at the doorsteps of the restaurant straight.

State-run BMTC buses can also be used to reach the restaurant.

Take a bus to MG Road and then book a taxi to take you to Karavalli in less than 10 minutes.

Metro services can also be used to reach the destination.

Location Map

Locate Karavalli on the map to pay a visit!


Why is Karavalli famous?

Karavalli is renowned for serving the most authentic and tasty southwest coastal cuisines. The restaurant boasts the taste of Indian delicacies and serves veritable food from over six different regions of the country.

Who is the owner of Karavalli?

Karavalli is one of the premier Gateway hotels owned by the Taj Hotels.

Does Karavalli serve alcohol?

Yes, Alcohol is served at Karavalli for the customers.

Is outdoor seating available at Karavalli?

Yes, Outdoor Seating is available at Karavalli.

How do I book a table at Karavalli?

You can either book a table at Karavalli through the restaurant’s official website or call the management to do so.

(Feature image source: Karavalli FB Page)

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