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Bugle Rock: A Mesmerizing Wonder of Glorious Indian History!

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South India, or Peninsular India, is bestowed with a few of the planet’s oldest land formations and houses monuments that glorify the rich Indian history.

One such creation is the lush green tree-lined Bugle Rock, a highlight of India’s garden city.

Located in N R Colony, Basavanagudi in Bangalore, Bugle Rock is famous for the Bugle Rock (Kahale Bande in Kannada), which has an age of 3000 million years.

This huge rock formation is labeled as an upsurge above the ground of Peninsular gneiss and is a site of wide scientific interest.

Spread over 16 acres, the Bugle Rock is one of Bangalore’s green lungs and is named after an age-old practice of a sentry holding a torch.

Let’s dive into the article for a detailed insight into the mesmerizing Bugle Rock!

Historical Significance of the Bugle Rock

Kempegowda II, the ruler of Bangalore during 1585, set up four watchtowers to set the limits for Bangalore’s expansion.

One among them was on the Bugle Rock.

The other three watchtowers were built on the Kempa Bundi Tank, i.e., the present-day Majestic or the Kempegowda Bus Station in the west, near the Ulsoor Lake in the east, and the Mekhi Circle in the north.

These bugles were used as a symbol of indication to inform the people that everything was fine at the location and warn them against a threat of intrusion.

The rocks at Bugle Rock are similar to those at the Lalbagh Towers.


Bugle Rock Garden - Historical Significance

(Source: TripAdvisor)

The rock present at the Bugle Rock in Bangalore is among the oldest rocks ever to appear on the earth.

The age of the rock is estimated to be 3000 million years, and its antiquity has given rise to numerous erudite scientific papers on the evolution of the earth.

This spot attracts visitors from all over the country and allures geologists worldwide and is tagged as one of the Geographical Monuments of India by the GSI.

Along with the natural rock formation dated millions of years back in history, the rock is also laden with artificial fountains and waterfalls, which nearby people visit every day.

Popular Attractions

Accredited as one of the Geographical Monuments of India by the Geographical Survey of India, the Bugle Rock is a famous tourist spot in Bangalore.

The rock in the garden is a site of top scientific attraction surrounded by lush green flora glorifying Bangalore’s title of the garden city of India.

The Garden also houses three Hindu temples, out of which the Bull Temple is a sight of massive spiritual attention.

Bull Temple, Basavanagudi, Bangalore

(Source: Holidify)

The Bull Temple is considered the biggest temple devoted to lord Nandi in the world.

The spring beneath the Nandi idol in the Bull Temple is believed to be the source of the Vrishabhavathi River flowing west of Bangalore.

The 300 people-capacity amphitheater has made conducting various live events possible at this venue.

The tree-lined lush green jogging tracks are the showstopper in the design of this place.

These tracks offer a soothing running or walking experience to the people under the wide sky in peace away from the haphazardness of the city and hence are referred to as the walkers’ paradise.

Timings to Visit

One can visit any day between 5 A.M. – 10 A.M. and 4 P.M. – 8 P.M. to renew their enthusiasm and spirits.

The last admission time in the park is set as 7:45 A.M. and 7:30 P.M.

Entry Fees and Rules

There is NO entry fee charged for admission to visit the park and the rock.

Rules and regulations set for the visitors are:

  • Smoking is banned on the garden premises
  • Skateboards are not allowed to be carried along in the garden
  • Visitors are not allowed admission in the park with their pets
  • Alcohol consumption in the garden is strictly prohibited
  • Weapons are not permitted to be carried inside the garden campus
  • The use of plastic in the garden premises is condemned

Activities to do in Bugle Rock

The site consists of a 16-acre lush green campus and offers a walker’s paradise to its visitors.

An open gym is constructed in the Garden for the health freaks to work out in the lap of nature.

Bugle Rock Watch Tower, Basavanagudi, Bangalore

(Source: Holidify)

Three temples are on the premises to add a hint of spirituality for the religious crowds in the Garden.

The Bull temple, adjacent to the garden, bears a strong historical significance and houses the greatest idols of lord Nandi in the world.

The park management also pays tribute to the prominent Bangaloreans, including Kempe Gowda, the ruler of Bangalore and Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya, the founder of modern Karnataka, and many more, by building their murals.

The garden is also laden with a 300 people-capacity amphitheater for various musical, cultural, and social events.

Restaurants Near Bugle Rock

A cluster of restaurants offers a space to satisfy your appetite after exploring the park.

A few notable restaurants are

  • Kamat Bugle Rock
  • Kolkata Special Chat
  • Bhavani Restaurant.
  • Cafe Coffee Day
  • Schezwan Dragon
  • Amma’s Pastries
  • Hotel Mysore Mylari Restaurant
  • Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan

How to Reach Bugle Rock

Various modes of transportation can be used to visit the Bugle Rock in the city of Bengaluru.

The easiest and simplest way is to use an ola or uber, which will directly take you to the destination but may cost you a bit more.

Metro transportation can also be used to reach Bugle Rock. The nearest metro station to Bugle Rock is The National College Station.

The Bugle Rock is around one kilometer from the National College Metro Station.

One can also avail of the state-run BMTC buses to travel.


The Bugle Rock is at,

Bull Temple Road,
Karnataka 560019


How much is the entry fee for Bugle Rock Park?

There is no entry fee charged for admission to Bugle Rock Park.

Which is the famous rock in Bangalore?

The Bugle Rock, known as Kahale Bande in Kannada, is well-known in Bangalore.

What is the history of Bugle Rock Park?

Kempegowda II had set up four watchtowers to set the limits for Bangalore’s expansion, and one among them was on the Bugle Rock. Also, Bugle Rock Park houses the gigantic Bugle Rock, one of the oldest rock formations ever on Earth.

(Feature image source: Wikipedia)

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