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Mahua Art Gallery: Promoting Modern Indian Art and Nurturing Young Talent

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Attention all art enthusiasts!

Are you on the hunt for a new and exciting place to discover innovative and captivating art?

Look no further than the Mahua Art Gallery, a must-visit destination for any lover of contemporary Indian art!

Mahua Gallery is a destination that allows art enthusiasts to see and purchase contemporary Indian art from all over India.

The gallery’s wide variety of Indian paintings, prints, sculptures, and folk Art provides an opportunity for insight into the inspirations of established and emerging Indian artists.

Mahua Gallery is affiliated with the HK Kejriwal Foundation.

The gallery has a wide variety of Indian paintings and sculptures.

It also has a distinct folk art set that provides insight into the inspirations of established and emerging Indian artists.

Mahua Art Foundation was established in 2000 to raise awareness of our ancient traditions and history in modern times.

Mahua provides a variety of art services for businesses and people.

Art consultation, art rentals, art restoration, art commissioning, art second sales, and so forth are examples.

The Gallery also offers art appreciation workshops and painting, ceramics, and pottery courses.

The classes are intended for both adults and children.

Participants can try out different methods through theoretical and practical lessons.

Mahua Art Gallery: History

Mahua Art Gallery: History

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Mahua Art Gallery is India’s leading modern art gallery.

Founded in 2002 by Meenu Jaipuria, the gallery demonstrates outstanding contemporary Indian artists and nurtures rising talent from all over the country.

With the historical importance of admiration for art collections, Meenu founded Mahua Art Gallery to continue the legacy of encouraging the creativity of new Indian artists and spreading art awareness.

Her father, Dr. H.K. Kejriwal, was a renowned eclectic and rare art collector.

He donated a sizable percentage of his personal collection, permanently displayed in the H.K. Kejriwal Museum in Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore.

Mahua Art Gallery has worked closely with carefully picked artists from India since it was established.

The artworks on display showcase a diverse variety of geographical influences and genres and thematic concerns.

Mahua holds national and international shows in addition to displaying the art of artists at its gallery to provide their works with a wider audience and geographic coverage.

Understanding the Difference Between Gond Art and Madhubani Art

Mahua- The art gallery, Difference Between Gond Art and Madhubani Art

(Source: Pinterest)

Madhubani and Gond Paintings are Indian folk-art styles.

Both of these painting styles are now respected on a global scale.

Differences between Gond Art and Madhubani art are based on


The Mithila region, which today lies on the border between India and Nepal, is where Madhubani’s artwork came from.

Nonetheless, a Center for this art form has been established in the Bihar district of Madhubani.

Whereas the members of the Gond Tribe, one of India’s largest tribes primarily found in central Indian states like Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, created the first Gond Paintings.


Nature is primarily shown in Gond’s art.

As a result, most paintings in this style primarily feature images of trees and animals.

Hardly ever, and only in the form of Gods and Goddesses, are people created in this kind of art.

In contrast, the relationship between man and nature is shown in Madhubani paintings.

The representation of Gods and Goddesses is also very popular in this artwork.


In all Madhubani paintings, the border is usually drawn first on paper or canvas borders.

In contrast, there are no borders in the paintings of the Gond people.

Any structure’s outline in Madhubani is often done with two lines.

In contrast, the structures in Gond’s paintings are constructed with only a single outline.


Madhubani Art features a vibrantly colored background enhanced with patterns.

As a result, every such artwork is filled.

On the other hand, the Gond paintings feature a pale color, typically a pastel background that is left vacant.

In this style, the artwork draws the viewer’s attention to the main subject.


As one creates a Gond artwork, one figure could emerge from another, similar to how a tree grows from deer horns.

Moreover, the Basic dots and lines comprise most of the structures’ internal patterns.

In Madhubani, however, each building is created independently with vibrant, detailed designs.

Mahua Art Gallery Bangalore: A Walkthrough

Mahua Art Gallery Bangalore: A Walkthrough

(Source: Google Photos)

The gallery includes a magnificent collection of paintings, sculptures, and prints by young and experienced rising artists and contemporary artists.

In addition to this, there is a collection of photography and folk art.

The gallery provides various services in addition to exhibits, including advice and art lessons.

It is a fantastic site to check out Indian contemporary art and has established a respectable standing in the city’s art communities.

Mahua also offers art appreciation classes, painting, ceramics, pottery, and other media seminars.

Both adults and children can take the classes.

During theory and practice workshops, participants can experiment with various techniques.

The Purpose of an Art Gallery and its Importance in Promoting Art

In essence, art is a non-generic means of conveying feelings.

Yet, a technique is only useful once its enthusiasts can see and grasp it.

Consider being inside a room and conversing with the space within.

Whatever you say or mean, it will be meaningless unless you convey your message to others.

Similarly, an art exhibition brings that hidden essence and emotion to the attention of those who admire and comprehend it.

Not only that, but over the years, creative heads have always used art for income.

This is why art exhibits have long been valued by curators, art historians, artists, and modern art critics as a forum for discussion and learning more about a specific art form.

An art gallery’s main goal is to encourage visual artists, promote their work, and provide them exposure to the general public, collectors, the media, and other institutions of culture.

The Significance of Botanical Art and its Place in Mahua Art Gallery

Botanical art is a form of artistic expression focusing on precisely portraying plants and their properties.

It is an important form of art that has been practiced for many years and has greatly influenced how we perceive and value plant life.

Because it depicts the beauty and diversity of plant life, botanical art is an important part of the Mahua Art Gallery’s gallery.

Botanical art is more than just creating beautiful illustrations of plants; it is also utilized for scientific documentation and exposition.

Botanical art teaches us about plant species, their growth cycles, and their defining characteristics.

This information can further be used to promote plant conservation initiatives and raise public understanding of its worth in terms of environmental sustainability.

Botanical artwork is presented in the Mahua Art Gallery in various formats, including paintings, sketches, and even sculptures.

Lastly, botanical art is a significant art genre well-represented in the Mahua Art Gallery.

In addition to showcasing the beauty of plants, it serves as a tool for scientific research and conservation efforts.

Mahua Art Gallery: Upcoming Exhibitions and Events

Mahua Art Gallery: Upcoming Exhibitions and Events

(Source: Google Photos)

Mahua Art Gallery supports well-known artists and their works of emerging and rookie artists.

An important location for modern art, the art gallery also conducts several educational events.

Mahua Art Gallery holds various exhibitions and events from time to time; however, there are currently no upcoming exhibitions and events at Mahua Art Gallery.

Mahua Art Gallery: Services

Mahua Art Gallery offers a diverse selection of products and services to meet the diverse needs of its consumers.

This establishment’s personnel is pleasant and timely in offering assistance.

You can visit the gallery any time between its operational hours, 11:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Services offered by Mahua Art Gallery:

  • They reply quickly to any problems or inquiries
  • You can pay via any available payment options, including Cash, which can be used to purchase the goods or services
  • There is a wheelchair-accessible entrance to the Mahua Art Gallery
  • There are various restaurants close by, and this location is great for children

Mahua Art Gallery: Location and Accessibility

Mahua Art Gallery in Bangalore is a leading participant in the Art Galleries category.

This well-known business serves as a one-stop store for local and out-of-town consumers in Bangalore.

This company has developed a solid reputation in its field during its development.


344, 4th Main Rd,
Sadashiva Nagar,
Armane Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560080

Contact: 072590 37535

Conclusion: The Significance of Mahua Art Gallery in Promoting Indian Art

Mahua Art Gallery has a huge collection of sculptures and paintings by new and established artists.

They also have a collection of folk art.

With such variety in art, Mahua Art Gallery showcases artists and their art in a structured and professional manner.

Such a representation of art guarantees the quality and the right amount of reach to new art forms and artists.

In addition, unique art- pieces get the right recognition from the right public, guaranteeing the appropriate pricing.


Which is India’s first art gallery?

There are several paintings in the caves and rock shelters of Bhimbetka. In 2003, UNESCO included the Bhimbetka rock shelters on its list of World Heritage Sites. They are well-known all over the globe for their cave drawings, which show the existence of human civilization as early as 8,000 B.C., or around 10,000 years ago!

Which is the biggest art gallery in India?

The major art gallery within the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, is the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA). The Government of India founded the main museum at Jaipur House in New Delhi on March 29, 1954, followed by subsidiaries in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Which is India’s biggest art exhibition?

The India Art Fair is the world’s largest exhibition of modern and contemporary Indian art.

What is the name of one art gallery in Assam?

Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra is a well-known cultural institution named after the saint Srimanta Sankardeva, who introduced Vaishnavism to the region.

Which city is famous for art in India?

Throughout the years, India’s art scene has grown, and Mumbai is home to some of the most fascinating galleries and institutions. Mumbai is home to amazing art galleries that are just waiting to be discovered, ranging from a brand-new institution devoted to Bollywood blockbusters and contemporary galleries to the city’s oldest institutions.

Which city is known as the city of art in India?

Kolkata, West Bengal is popular as a center of art and culture with a great range of variety.

(Feature image source: Google Photos)

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