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Total Environment’s Sustainable and Green Homes: A Step Towards a Better Future

Last Updated on March 22, 2023 by Tariq

Founded in 1996 by architects Kamal Sagar and Shibanee Sagar, Bangalore’s Total Environment is a real estate pioneer.

With a focus on design, craftsmanship, and sustainability, Total Environment (TE) takes a unique approach to development.

Projects are tailored to discerning buyers, integrating nature with elegant, eco-friendly spaces.

Over 30 completed works, and many in progress, demonstrate TE’s commitment to high standards and community/environmental stewardship.

The company’s luxury homes and commercial spaces showcase attention to detail and natural materials.

TE’s portfolio reflects a reputation for creating properties that meet owners’ needs and exceed them.

Standing apart through a vision of development that nurtures rather than strains resources, Total Environment connects Bangalore’s past to an ecologically sound future.

Total Environment: An Overview

Total Environment: An Overview

Total Environment’s approach to development is defined by dedication to design, natural materials, and integration with context.

Projects showcase meticulous attention to detail and eco-friendly vision.

The company’s unique perspective sets its luxury properties apart, aligning homes and spaces with owner needs and environmental stewardship.

Through harnessing artisanal skill and nature’s resources, Total Environment connects Bangalore’s heritage to a sustainable future.

Company Profile

Total Environment’s privately held, full-service firm offers luxury villas, apartments, offices, and retail spaces.

Kamal Sagar and Shibanee Sagar are the founders of the company who believe in improving the quality of life through the role of nature in architecture.

Integrating nature’s resources and artisanal skill, the company’s properties provide eco-friendly, customized havens.

The Projects have earned accolades like the CNBC-AWAAZ Real Estate Award and Realty Plus Excellence Award.

The company’s portfolio reflects core values of sustainability, craftsmanship, and service.

Total Environment meets clients’ preferences personally, ensuring an exceptional experience.

The company’s philosophy connects Bangalore’s heritage to an ecologically sound future, outpacing traditional developers through visionary leadership.

Total Environment delivers a holistic luxury living experience from harmonizing spaces and nature to personalized attention.

Leadership Team

Total Environment's co-founders, Kamal Sagar and Shibanee Sagar

(Source: Design India 2022)

Total Environment’s co-founders, Kamal and Shibanee Sagar have built the company into an industry leader through vision and determination.

Establishing the firm in 1996 with sustainability and craftsmanship as guiding principles, their passion for innovative, eco-friendly development has earned TE recognition as a pioneer.

With the personal investment that affirmed deep dedication, Kamal Sagar founded Total Environment to realize a dream of sustainable, luxury living spaces.

His steady leadership and high standards have defined the company’s reputation for excellence.

Similarly, Shibanee Sagar has advanced TE’s unique approach by emphasizing warmth, character, and inventive design.

Her discerning eye and exacting technique bring distinct touches to the company’s tailored, green properties.

Kamal and Shibanee Sagar have fostered growth through a hands-on, collaborative process aligned with two key values: an unwavering dedication to quality and responsibly harmonizing spaces with nature.

This synergy of co-founders committed to crafting customer experience, community, and the environment’s future has positioned TE at the forefront of real estate development.


Total Environment’s dedication to sustainable, design-oriented development has earned significant recognition.

The company’s projects have been honored with awards, including:

  • Platinum certification from the Indian Green Building Council, the highest recognition for ecological building, was awarded to the “Songs of the Wood” project
  • The Economic Times Real Estate Conclave Award for South India’s Best Residential Project, awarded to “The Magic Faraway Tree,” and South India’s Best Architectural Project, awarded to “Windmills of Your Mind”
  • The Bentley Structural Engineering Award for innovation, awarded for structural work showcasing Total Environment’s unique technical capabilities
  • Finalist and Housing honors at the World Architecture Festival awarded to “Think Design” and “The Magic Faraway Tree,” respectively, for their contextual, inventive designs
  • The CNBC Arabia Property Award for Best Luxury Residential Project (Asia Pacific) was awarded to “Windmills of Your Mind” for its compelling combination of luxury and sustainability
  • The CREDAI Innovative Design Award recognizes Total Environment’s design leadership in creating green, customer-focused spaces and communities
  • The Z Business-RICS Real Estate Award for Best Luxury Residential Project (South India) was again awarded to “Windmills of Your Mind” for pioneering green luxury living accomplishments

TE’s steadfast dedication to eco-friendly, design-centered development that aligns nature and community with owners’ needs has been affirmed through these distinguished honors.

Total Environment: Corporate Video

Ongoing Residential Projects in Bangalore

Based in Bangalore, Total Environment is recognized for pioneering luxury and sustainable living.

The company’s residential projects provide high-quality, holistic experiences by blending modern amenities with natural surroundings.

Access and convenient location in Bangalore’s premier areas make Total Environment’s properties a compelling choice.

The company delivers easy connectivity to key attractions by designing each community around the locality’s heartbeat and owner preferences.

Rigorous green standards consistently upgrade industry leadership through residential developments that nurture the community and environment.

Here are a few of their ongoing residential projects in Bangalore.

In That Quiet Earth (Off Hennur Main Road, Bangalore)

In That Quiet Earth (Off Hennur Main Road, Bangalore)

This enclave of 2 – 4 bedroom apartments provides a peaceful retreat.

Lush greenery surrounds spaces crafted for serene, holistic living.

Type: Apartments/ Villas

Super Built Area: 1431 – 3513 sq. ft.

Location: Off Hennur Road, Bangalore

Price: Starting from INR 2.56 CR

Pursuit of a Radical Rhapsody (Whitefield, Bangalore)

Pursuit of a Radical Rhapsody (Whitefield, Bangalore)

The project is based on harmony and inspires 3 – 5 bedroom apartments and villas.

Clubhouse, infinity pool, and rooftop terrace are among the amenities complementing generous residences and green sanctuary.

Type: Apartments/ Villas

Super Built Area: 2430 – 4596 sq. ft.

Location: Whitefield, Bangalore

Price: Starting from INR 3.49 CR

After the Rain (Sir MVIT College Road, Bangalore)

After the Rain (Sir MVIT College Road, Bangalore)

Premium 4-bedroom villas offer a tranquil escape.

Nature’s bounty envelops elegant homes with private pools and gardens.

Type: Villas

Super Built Area: 3184 – 5120 sq. ft.

Location: Sir MVIT College Road, Bangalore

Price: Starting from INR 5.17 CR

The Magic Faraway Tree (Kanakapura Road, Bangalore)

The Magic Faraway Tree (Kanakapura Road, Bangalore)

Inspired by imaginative tales, 3 – 4 bedroom villas provide a whimsical address.

Private gardens and terraces augment residences designed for timeless delight.

Type: Apartment

Super Built Area: 3554 – 5407 sq. ft.

Location: Kanakapura Road, Bangalore

Price: Starting from INR 2.64 CR

Total Environment’s projects interpret aspirations in storied buildings and places.

Signifying serenity, ambition, or fantasy, diverse collections reflect the company’s dedication to crafting exceptional experiences and refined, eco-friendly communities that champion Bangalore’s verdant spirit.

Total Environment: Address

Total Environment’s registered office is located at the following address:

IMAGINE, No. 78,
ITPL Main Road, EPIP Zone,
Whitefield, Bangalore 560066

Total Environment: Location


What is the total environment?

Total Environment is a real estate developer in Bangalore, India. The firm was founded in 1996 by architects Kamal and Shibanee Sagar. Total Environment is dedicated to communities and spaces that respect the environment and reflect local character.

Is Total Environment a good company?

Yes, Total Environment has a strong reputation. The company is committed to the highest quality, craftsmanship, and customer service. Total Environment is recognized as an industry leader for its pioneering sustainable vision.

Who is the owner of Total Environment?

Kamal and Shibanee Sagar, a husband-and-wife architect team, founded Total Environment in 1996. As Chairman and Director, they provide steady leadership guiding the company’s dedication to sustainability and design excellence.

How old is Total environment?

Total Environment was established in Bangalore in 1996 by Kamal and Shibanee Sagar. Over 25 years, the company has become an industry leader through its commitment to timeless, eco-friendly communities and spaces that support the community and the environment.

Why are total environment homes so expensive?

Total Environment homes are premium as the company is uncompromising on the finest quality and responsible building. Carefully chosen natural materials and precision craftsmanship reflect the dedication to long-term value. While costs are higher, Total Environment delivers one-of-a-kind sustainable homes designed to serve owners and the planet for generations.

What are eco homes?

Eco homes are sustainably built residences. They feature energy/water efficiency, durable, non-toxic materials, and renewable energy to minimize environmental impact. Highlighting passive strategies like insulation and natural light/ventilation, eco homes offer benefits including better air quality and comfort, lower utility bills and emissions, and long-term savings.

Why are eco-homes better?

Eco homes are better for homeowners and the planet. Advanced envelopes and systems decrease demands and emissions, improving comfort and health. Beyond homeowner benefits, eco homes ease the burden through responsible development, safeguarding the community and environment. By prioritizing sustainability, eco homes invest in a future with conserved resources for generations.

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