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Rental Agreement in Bangalore [Delivered in 12 Hours*]

Last Updated on March 24, 2023 by Tariq

Have you finalized a property to rent in Bangalore

Paid a token advance and finalized a home to rent in Bangalore?

I’m guessing, your next step would be to prepare a rental agreement. 🙂

If yes, I can help you execute a rental agreement in Bangalore.

I’ll have the agreement prepared on an e-Stamp paper, and delivered to you the same day.

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible on Sundays, public holidays, and on second Saturdays.


e-Stamp papers aren’t available on those days! 🙂

That apart, want to have your rental agreement prepared and sent across?

Go ahead and fill in the details required.

How it Works

Here’s a look at how the entire process of executing a rental agreement in Bangalore works.

1. Submit the required details online

We require details of the tenant and owner which will be mentioned in the rental agreement.

2. Complete payment

We charge INR 699/- for the delivery of the rental agreement in Bangalore. This includes an INR 100 e-Stamp paper and delivery charges.

3. Purchase e-Stamp paper

Upon receipt of the above fees, we will go ahead and purchase an INR 100 e-Stamp paper.

4. Print the agreement

The completed agreement will be shared with you for your approval. Our standard rental agreement covers all the required details.

However, you can also customize the rent agreement, based on your specific requirements.

5. Agreement is delivered

All requests submitted before 2 PM IST will be delivered the same day. You should receive the printed agreement, latest by 7 PM IST.

Note: This doesn’t hold good on all major holidays, bandhs, second Saturdays, and Sundays when the sub-registrar offices are closed.

In such cases, you will receive the agreement on the next working day.

Ready to get started?

Let’s begin!

Online Application: Rental Agreement in Bangalore

Use the form below to send the required details

Scan the following QR code and complete the payment of INR 699/-.

Note: Please make a note of the transaction details. You’ll need to enter it soon.

Online Rental Agreement in Bangalore, PhonePe payment option
Owner Full Name
Owner is the son/ wife of
Owner’s Address
Owner’s PAN Number
Owner’s Age
Tenant’s Full Name
Tenant is the son/ wife of
Tenant’s Address
Tenant’s PAN Number
Tenant’s Age
Enter details of the property (including address)
Monthly rental (including maintenance)
Deposit paid
Mode of payment (for the deposit)
Rent starting from
Notice period
Transaction details for the payment of INR 699/- (QR Code above)
The above details are being submitted by

The e-Stamp is being bought by

Your mobile number (I will be contacting you to verify the above details)
Your Email ID (I will mail you the draft agreement, with all the details filled in)
Thank you for submitting the details. I will be contacting you at the earliest possible.
There has been some error while submitting the form. Please verify all form fields again.

What is a Rental Agreement?

A tenant and owner must document all the terms and conditions of the rental arrangement in writing, as an agreement, for it to have any legal validity. This agreement is called the rental agreement or rent agreement.

Typically, the rental agreement includes details of the owner and tenant, the tenancy period, the monthly rent, the upfront deposit paid, the notice period, and the responsibilities pertaining to property maintenance, among other things.

With a well-documented rental agreement, both parties can safeguard their interests.

FAQs Rental Agreement in Bangalore

How can I get a rental agreement in Bangalore?

You can buy the e-Stamp paper from a sub-registrar’s office and have the rental agreement printed out.

How can I get a rental agreement online in Bangalore?

You can submit all details pertaining to the property, such as owner and tenant details, property details, monthly rental, deposit, and more, and customize the rental agreement to suit your requirements.

How much does it cost to make a rental agreement in Bangalore?

You will have to consider the cost of purchasing the e-Stamp paper. Typically rental agreements are printed on an INR 100 e-Stamp paper. Then you have the lawyer fees to have a well-documented rental agreement prepared. This can be anywhere from INR 5000 onwards.

How much does an online rental agreement cost in Bangalore?

An online rental agreement in Bangalore can cost from INR 699 onwards. This again depends on the e-Stamp paper value that you want to purchase.

* 12 hours is assuming your request is submitted before 2 PM IST on a working day

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