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Art of Living International Centre: A Spiritual Refuge for Inner Transformation

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Are you looking for a place of serenity and spiritual refuge amidst the hustle and bustle of city life?

Look no further than the Art of Living International Center, often called the Bangalore Ashram.

Nestled between serene hillocks on 250+ acres of lush greenery 21 kilometers south of the city, this spiritual retreat has been captivating visitors since 1986 with its tranquil environment and wholesome atmosphere.

With its calm surroundings, breathtaking views of lush nature, and serene settings ideal for meditation and yoga, the Bangalore Ashram promises a rejuvenating experience for all.

Let’s step inside to explore this haven of tranquility, and discover why it has become a must-visit destination for spiritual seekers and locals alike.

Quick Info

Looking for some quick info? Hope this helps! 🙂


Kanakapura Road, Udayapura

Entry Fee

One-day ashram tour is FREE

Charges are applicable for residential courses and programs

Timings & Visiting Hours

Open from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M., from Monday to Sunday

Nearest Metro

Silk Institute (Green Line). It is approximately 5km away from the center and takes 9 mins to reach in a vehicle

Phone Number

+91 8067262626

+91 9071112261


The Art of Living International Center,

Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth,

21st Km Kanakapura Road,

Udayapura, Bengaluru,

Karnataka-560 082, India

How to Reach Art of Living International Centre

How To Reach Art of Living International Centre

(Source: BangaloreAshram FB Page)

Traveling by Air

By Bus: If you’re coming by Kempegowda International Airport, catch bus KIAS-5 from outside the airport. It takes 1-2 hours and drops you at JP Nagar Phase-6. From there, walk to Banashankari and catch the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ashram bus to the ashram. It takes 20-30 minutes.

By Train: Train is the cheapest transport. A railway station near the airport opened in 2021 – Kempegowda International Airport Devanahalli. Free shuttles take you to the station, 3.5 km from the airport. Take a train to Kempegowda station. From there you can reach the ashram in two ways:


  • Walk to Kempegowda Bus Stand
  • Go to platform #11 and take a bus to Banashankari Temple and get off at Banashankari Bus Terminal
  • Next, take bus #211 to Kanakapura Road bus and get off at Ashram Bus Stop


  • Walk to Kempegowda Metro Station
  • Take Green Line metro to Silk Institute (33 mins)
  • Then, take a cab or bus to the Ashram which is 3 km away

By Metro: The Sandal Soap Factory Metro Station is the closest metro station to Bangalore Airport. You can order a taxi to get here from the airport. The duration is 45 minutes.

Alternatively, you can board any BMTC Vayu Vajra bus and alight at Mekhri Circle. Arrive at Sandal Soap Factory metro station via bus or car. Mekhri Circle is just 5 km away.

Take the train to Silk Institute Metro Station from Sandal Soap Factory Metro Station. It will take roughly 40 minutes to complete this excursion.

Arrive at Silk Institute Metro Station and exit. Leave the station.

The distance to Ashram is now merely 3 km. To get to Ashram, you may either order a cab or use a public bus.

Traveling By Train

From KSR Railway Station: From the station, you are able to reach the Art of Living International Centre in two ways:


  • Exit Kempegowda Railway Station and walk to the opposite side where you’ll find Kempegowda Bus Stand
  • Reach Platform #11 and board the bus heading to Banashankari Temple
  • Once you reach Banashankari Bus Terminal, either take bus #211 or any bus headed towards Kanakapura Road
  • Get off at the Art of Living Ashram stop


  • Exit Kempegowda Railway Station and make your way to Kempegowda Metro Station located on the other side
  • Bengaluru Metro has 2 lines – Purple and Green. Take the Green line
  • Buy a ticket to Silk Institute station – currently the last stop on the Green Line. The trip will take around 33 minutes
  • Take a bus or a cab after you reach Silk Institute Metro Station. It is only 3 km from the ashram

From Yeshvanthpur Railway Station: Upon exiting Yeshwanthpur Railway Station, make your way to Yeshwanthpur Metro Station located right opposite the station. Take a metro to the Silk Institute station, It takes around 41 minutes to reach Silk Institute Metro Station. The Art of Living International Center Ashram lies a mere 3 km away. A cab or public bus ride will deliver you to Ashram’s gates.

KR Puram Railway Station: After exiting KR Puram Railway Station, take an auto or bus to Baiyappanahalli Metro Station. From there, take the metro to Kempegowda Station. The journey takes 25 minutes. When you reach Kempegowda Station, take a metro to Silk Institute Station from Green Line. The journey takes 35 minutes. Upon arrival at Silk Institute Metro Station, the Art of Living International Center Ashram is just 3 km away. You can take a cab or bus to reach the ashram.


  • The ashram provides travel services for reaching the ashram via cab
  • Call +91-9886019292 or email taxi@sumerutravels.com for cab arrangements
  • It is recommended to call or email at least two hours before your specified arrival time
  • You can pay the cab driver directly in cash upon reaching the ashram

Places to Visit at Art of Living International Centre

The Art of Living International Center features many beautifully designed buildings that give the ashram its unique character.

Vishalakshi Mantap: Vishalakshi Mantap, the focal point, is a five-tiered meditation hall designed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and named after his mother. It combines modern and Vedic architecture with intricate details like a 15-foot-tall Kalash dome, considered the largest in the subcontinent.

Vishalakshi Mantap, Art of Living International Centre

(Source: The Art of Living)

Sri Sri Gurukul: Sri Sri Gurukul serves students from all over the world and is based on the Gurukul method of education that was common in ancient India. It is a center of excellence that offers classes in a variety of subjects, including Vedic Mathematics, Sanskrit, Jyothisham, and the Vedas, to name a few.

Annapoorna Kitchen and Dining Hall: The ashram’s new dining and kitchen facility, a 3-floor building catering Satvik food to 60,000 people daily compared to the old 500, significantly contributed to its growth. Operating on self-service principles where visitors clean their own plates, it teaches self-efficiency and respect while managing this enormous kitchen.

Radha Kunj Garden: With exotic trees, flowers, and lush greenery, it is a beautiful and peaceful garden. The garden also has a lake, a waterfall, a lake with lilies, a road made of earth, and fountains.

Radha Kunj Garden

(Source: The Art of Living)

Sri Sri Gaushala: Sri Sri Gaushala preserves indigenous cow breeds, sheltering hundreds of cows from 15 desi breeds. Visitors can tour the shelter and witness daily activities like milking and feeding.

Guru Paduka Vanam: It is an open amphitheater created in accordance with the Vedic idea of vanam, or woodland, which is thought to give those traveling the spiritual path refuge. Its shape is similar to a paduka or a guru’s feet. It has the capacity to hold thousands of people at once.

Guru Paduka Vanam, Bangalore Ashram

(Source: The Art of Living)

Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital: More than 100 Ayurvedic treatments are available at Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research Hospital (SSCASRH), which has cutting-edge diagnostic tools and highly skilled medical staff. The hospital also has 15 Panchakarma therapy rooms with both conventional and modern facilities.

Sumeru Mantap: The 12 pairs of pillars in this open-air theatre represents the 12 zodiac signs in Indian astrology. Ornate lotus petals that surround the entire building add to its architectural appeal. The mantap, which is at the highest point in the ashram, provides breathtaking views of the entire institution and neighborhoods nearby.

Sumeru Mantap, Bangalore Ashram

(Source: The Art of Living)

Facilities Available at Art of Living International Centre

  • A bus tour of the ashram complex can help you cover all the must-see buildings
  • Residential blocks offer accommodation for course participants
  • The Registration Desk is located in the reception area accessible through Entry Gates 4 and 5. The receptionists can assist with queries, reservations, and check-ins
  • Snacks and fresh fruits from the ashram’s own orchards are available at the on-site Vishala Canteen. From 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, it is open
  • Swadishta is a snack bar where you can obtain quick eats, fresh juices, sandwiches, tea, Indian snacks, and so on
  • Ojas Station, the energizer point, offers a variety of cookies and snacks. You can also purchase milkshakes made with Ojasvita, a health drink developed by Sri Sri’s FMCG brand Tattva
  • A sophisticated eating place called Café Vishala serves delectable meals and whole-wheat eggless baked goods
  • At the upscale FMCG store, Sri Sri Tattva Shop, you may purchase a wide selection of goods for your home and kitchen, personal care, groceries, and Ayurveda
  • An ancient Ayurvedic health center called Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma provides therapies, massages, detoxification programs, personalized diet, and fitness plans, etc
  • Madhurya is a store where you can buy traditional Indian sarees, jewelry, furniture, and handicrafts
  • BYOGI is a seller of lifestyle goods, including yoga clothing and ethnic and vibrant casual clothes

Accommodation Facilities at Art of Living International Centre

Depending on the visitor’s course, the ashram includes residential complexes with rooms tailored to their needs.

Although prices vary depending on the style of accommodation, all include necessities like mattresses, sheets, and pillows.

Hot water is available in the adjoining bathrooms of each room for two hours every morning.

For everyone who has made a reservation and is staying at the facility, the ashram also offers laundry service.

They also provide inexpensive ironing of garments.

Day visitors are admitted without charge.

They can take part in yoga and meditation classes.

Additionally, day guests are welcome to stop by the kitchen and get a complimentary sattvic meal.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are the things you can carry inside the Art Of Living International Centre?

You can carry your ID card, mobile phone, camera, selfie stick, water bottles, medicines, and other basic amenities inside the ashram.

What are the programs and courses offered by the Ashram?

The ashram offers a variety of residential yoga, meditation, wellness, breathing exercises, and skill-development programs for people of all ages. There are also programs specifically created for children and business executives.

What are some of the popular nearby attractions from the Art Of Living International Centre?

Some of the popular nearby destinations to visit from the Art Of Living International Centre are Thottikallu Falls, Aagara Lake, Turahalli, Prani – The Pet Sanctuary, and ISKCON Temple Vaikunta Hills.

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