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Big Banyan Tree Bangalore: Unveiling the Grandeur of Nature’s Ancient Marvel

Last Updated on June 26, 2023 by Tariq

Ready to be enchanted by nature’s architectural marvel in all its magnificence?

Visit the Big Banyan Tree (Dodda Alada Mara), the 400-year-old sprawling Banyan tree in Bangalore.

With its vast canopy spanning over 3 acres of land and more than 250 meters in circumference, this ancient tree invites you on a journey of wonder.

Named ‘The Big Banyan tree’ locally, Dodda Alada Mara is a fascinating botanical specimen, with over a thousand aerial roots forming miniature trees within its expansive branches.

You will be amazed at how this tree, a symbolic representation of the Hindu trinity, has silently witnessed the transformation of Bangalore over four centuries.

Let’s embark on a celestial journey filled with wonder and amazement under the sprawling canopy of this venerable banyan tree.

Quick Info

Looking for some quick info? Hope this helps! 🙂


Kethohalli village

Entry Fee

No Entry Fee

Timings & Visiting Hours

7 A.M – 6 P.M

Nearest Metro / Station

Kengeri Metro Station. The distance is around 13km and needs around 27 mins by car to reach

Phone Number


Tavarekere, Dodda Aladmara Road, Uttarahalli Hobli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562130

How to Reach Big Banyan Tree?

How to Reach The Big Banyan Tree

By Air: If you’re coming directly from the airport, the nearest is the Kempegowda International Airport. It is situated around 63 km from Big Banyan Tree, and you can travel the distance by taking a cab.

By Train: If you take the train route, get on a train from Bangalore City Railway Station and get down either at Hejjala train station or Kengeri railway station. You can take a cab or auto-rickshaw from outside of both stations. It takes around 20-30 mins to reach.

By Road: If you travel by bus, take a bus from Kempegowda Bus station (Majestic) and get down at the Dodda Aladamara bus stop, which is situated exactly outside The Big Banyan Tree.

Nearby Attractions to Big Banyan Tree

While you are at the Big Banyan Tree, you could have a look at other hot spots in the vicinity.

Lord Munishwara Temple

The Lord Muneshwara Temple nestled within the tree complex invites one to seek spiritual solace under its age-old branches. Constructed in the 2000s after the main trunk collapsed, it remains an integral part of the big banyan’s sacred standing.

Mukti Naga Temple

The nearby Mukti Naga Temple, around 10 km away, reveals itself through its 16-foot statue of Lord Naaga. Local legend has it that walking nine rounds of the temple and making a wish will fulfill desires within 90 days.

Manchanabele Reservoir

The scenic Manchanabele Reservoir, also 10 km away from the Mukti Naga Temple, beckons visitors with its tranquil waters and serene surroundings. Combining a trip here with a visit to the Dodda Alada Mara allows one to appreciate the harmony of nature’s creations.

History of the Big Banyan Tree

History of the Big Banyan Tree

The majestic Dodda Alada Mara, meaning The Big Banyan Tree in Kannada, has stood witness to over four centuries of history.

The banyan tree derives its English name from “bania”, referring to Indian traders who sought respite under its shade while displaying their wares.

From the 17th century onwards, English writers began using the term “banyan tree” to describe this splendid specimen.

Legends surround this ancient tree, which is believed to symbolize the Hindu triumvirate of creation, preservation, and destruction.

Its roots represent Lord Brahma the creator, the trunk signifies Vishnu the preserver, and the branches symbolize Shiva the destroyer.

Activities at the Big Banyan Tree

The Dodda Alada Mara banyan tree and its surroundings are lovingly tended by the horticulture department, which takes the initiative to conserve this natural wonder.

Beyond botanists, the Big Banyan Tree draws many types of visitors.

Tourists come to behold this sight of nature’s immense creativity while families appreciate its peaceful surroundings.

Those searching for spiritual solace also find respite beneath its ancient branches in the calm and serene setting.

The sights and sounds of different bird species nesting in its canopy add to the sense of tranquility.

Monkeys that call the tree home provide glimpses of nature’s interactions while pathways around the tree allow visitors to stroll in leisure.

Tips to Follow at the Big Banyan Tree

  • Dispose of all litter properly in the bins provided
  • Refrain from damaging or carving the tree to preserve this natural heritage
  • Many monkeys call this tree home, so carry items in closed bags and avoid food to prevent interaction
  • Bring a hat, sunglasses, or umbrella depending on weather conditions to be comfortable under the tree’s canopy
  • It is best not to wear expensive jewelry or carry valuables when visiting the big banyan tree


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much time is needed to explore the Big Banyan Tree?

Around 30 mins to 1 hour is enough to explore the Big Banyan Tree.

Is any restaurant available at Big Banyan Tree?

Yes, a restaurant is run by the tourism department at the picnic spot of Big Banyan Tree that offers food and water.

Is parking available?

No, there is no dedicated parking space at Big Banyan Tree. If you travel by car, you’ll have to park the car on the roadside.

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