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Ranga Shankara: Unleashing the Magic of Theatre in Bangalore’s Cultural Heart

Last Updated on July 5, 2024 by Tariq

Ranga Shankara stands proud as one of Bangalore’s premier theatres and performance venues, attracting theatre lovers from across the city.

If you enjoy watching live performances, this is the venue for you.

Located in JP Nagar, Ranga Shankara is a popular destination for theatre enthusiasts to catch up on international plays.

If you are looking to spend a beautiful evening filled with entertainment, book the tickets for Ranga Shankara right away!

Quick Info

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JP Nagar, Bangalore

Ticket Price

Rs. 500/-

Timings & Visiting Hours

Varies according to show dates and timings

Nearest Metro

Rashtreeya Vidyalaya Road (Green Line). It is situated at a distance of 1.8 km from Ranga ShankaraBanashankari Metro Station (Green Line). It is at a distance of around 2.2 km Jaya Prakash Nagar Metro Station (Green Line). It is also at a distance of 2.2 km from Ranga Shankara

Phone Number




36/2 8th Cross

IIPhase JP Nagar

Bangalore 560 078


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How to Reach Ranga Shankara?

By Train: If you decide to take the train route, you can get down at Kengri railway station. It is almost 16 km away from Ranga Shankara. You can take a cab for the rest of the distance.

By Bus: Sarakki bus stop is the nearest bus stop to Ranga Shankara. Once you get down, you can take a cab or auto-rickshaw to cover the distance of 2 km.

By Metro: If you avail metro, you have to get on the Green Line Metro. You can get down either at Rashtreeya Vidyalaya Road, Banashankari Metro Station, or Jaya Prakash Nagar Metro Station. Then avail a cab or rickshaw to reach Ranga Shankara. It’s 8-10 mins from all of these metro stations.

Main Attractions Inside Ranga Shankara

The Performing Stage

The performing stage was designed by the architect, Shahrukh Mistry, and it is a 1575-square-foot thrust stage.

A thrust stage extends into the audience on three sides, allowing for more audience interaction. This makes the performance more immersive and “warm”.

The stage has all the technical facilities required for productions of any scale.

The auditorium has seats for 320 adults or 400 children and is air-conditioned. Its innovative design ensures good sight lines from all seats.

To make the most of this, Ranga Shankara follows an open seating policy.

AHA! Theatre For Children

AHA! Theatre For Children

(Source: Ranga Shankara)

AHA! is Ranga Shankara’s theatre program for children, aimed at bringing the magic of theatre to young audiences.

Launched in 2006 by founder Arundhati Nag, AHA! has grown organically, adding programs, collaborations, and audiences, and has become one of the country’s most sustained theatre programs for children.

The goals of AHA! are to arouse the emotions of wonder, excitement, and fulfillment in children through exposure to the performing arts.

The program brings the various aspects of theatre – acting, improvisation, storytelling, and more – to young audiences in an experiential manner.

The Maruti Puppet Theatre

The Maruti Puppet Theatre

(Source: Ranga Shankara)

The Maruti Puppet Theatre exemplifies Ranga Shankara’s philosophy of reusing and recycling to create something new.

Built into the boot of an old Maruti 800 car with no engine, the miniature theatre accommodates one performer but can seat up to 25 children audiences.

The car has been equipped professionally with lights, sounds, and theatre infrastructure like curtains, a revolving stage, and a shadow screen.

This allows various types of puppet performances – hand puppets, shadow puppets, and more.

The Maruti Puppet Theatre was created to provide theatre experiences for young children as young as 3, fostering appreciation and wonder for the dramatic arts at an early age.

The Foyer And Grand Staircase

The foyer at Ranga Shankara is spacious, featuring a grand and winding central staircase.

The dominating staircase allows performers the freedom to creatively explore and interpret the space.

Festivals have featured dance performances directly on the staircase itself, transforming it into a stage.

The foyer and lobby have also been incorporated into performances, with performances marching through the area.

The Cafe

Ranga Shankara The Cafe

(Source: Ranga Shankara)

The cafe serves a variety of both local and international cuisine every day from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm, except Mondays.

Specialty menus are created based on the theme of Ranga Shankara’s festivals.

Anju and her team create delicious festival menus ranging from Karnataka staples like akkirotti and sabudana vada to international favorites like soups and grilled sandwiches.

The annual lunch at the cafe during Onam is renowned.

However, the cafe is more than just a place to dine. It often hosts impromptu performances as well as lively discussions and debates about art.

The Window

Ranga Shankara The Window

(Source: Ranga Shankara)

The Window, also known as “Kitaki” in Kannada, is Ranga Shankara’s small art gallery located along the corridor that leads to the auditorium.

Kitaki showcases visual art specially curated by other art galleries for Ranga Shankara.

The gallery’s logo, designed by renowned artist S.G Vasudev, matches Ranga Shankara’s logo.

Kitaki’s walls feature different types of artwork depending on the theme or event.

Other Voices

Other Voices is a not-so-known space at Ranga Shankara, located on the third floor.

This location was created by Arundhati Nag as an area “for whispers and up-close performances,” giving rise to the “Other Voices” event, which included private performances for small audiences.

The Other Voices space also hosts Ranga Shankara’s storytelling sessions for children.

The Bookshop

Ranga Shankara The Bookshop

(Source: Ranga Shankara)

The Ranga Shankara bookshop, located in the front corner of the lobby, stocks a variety of theatre and performance-related books.

Operated by Paperback Bookshop, the collection caters to Ranga Shankara’s artistic focus.

In addition to selling books, the bookshop also hosts special literary events like book launches and reading sessions.

Signature Events Of Ranga Shankara

The Annual Mango Party

The Annual Mango Party

(Source: Ranga Shankara)

Ranga Shankara hosts an annual Mango Party to honor the king of fruits, the mango, which is considered to be a gift from India to the world.

Held every year on a Sunday, in the month of June when mangoes are at their ripest and most bountiful, the open-to-all party is the city’s most anticipated event where the sole purpose is enjoying mangoes!

The party predates Ranga Shankara itself, with the first one held in 2003. The mango chitranna made that day by MS Sathyu remains unrivaled.

Ranga Ugadi

Ranga Ugadi

(Source: Ranga Shankara)

Ranga Ugadi is Ranga Shankara’s signature event to celebrate Ugadi, the Kannada New Year.

Each year, Ranga Ugadi showcases the work of a prominent Kannada literary figure, featuring plays, poems, songs and short stories by the writer performed live.

Conceptualized by Artistic Director S. Surendranath, Ranga Ugadi brings together the Kannada theatre and artistic community in tribute.

Artists perform poetry, songs, and stories, expressing their love for their language and the featured writer.

Loka Sanchara

Loka Sanchara aims to share Bangalore’s best theatre with tier 2 cities and rural districts of Karnataka.

The program also includes workshops for theatre practitioners and school teachers outside of metropolitan areas.

Its goal is to foster the growth of theatre outside of the metro and enrich underserved communities with exposure to quality theatrical productions.

The Theatre and Arts Appreciation Course

The Theatre and Arts Appreciation Course

(Source: Ranga Shankara)

The Theatre and Arts Appreciation Course gives audiences an inside look into the lives and work of artists.

The workshop, which runs over two weekends during the yearly festival, is organized by culture critic Sadanand Menon.

Theatre, dance, music, visual arts, video, and photography are just a few of the artistic mediums represented.

Sadanand believes artists are best understood through hearing the story of their journey. And that is exactly what the participating artists share.

The course opens for registration one month before the annual festival.

Annual Theatre Festival

Every year, Ranga Shankara proudly hosts an annual theatre festival that has become a highlight on the Bangalore arts calendar.

The event showcases diverse theatrical productions that attract theatergoers from all over the city.

Plays written and performed in a multitude of languages are staged during the festival, catering to audiences with various linguistic preferences.

In addition to full-length plays, the festival also includes readings from dramatic works and “platform performances” that help expose audiences to a wide range of theatrical forms and styles.



In conclusion, Ranga Shankara stands tall as a beacon of artistic expression, fostering a vibrant theatrical community in the heart of Bangalore.

Its unwavering commitment to promoting diverse voices and staging thought-provoking performances has solidified its reputation as a cultural haven for both artists and audiences alike.

From the mesmerizing plays that grace its stage to the nurturing of emerging talents through various programs, the theatre continues to nurture the essence of storytelling and the power of the performing arts.

As we bid farewell to this exploration, we are left with a deep appreciation for the magic it weaves and the profound impact it has on the city’s artistic landscape.

Whether you are a seasoned theatergoer or a curious newcomer, Ranga Shankara invites you to step into its world, where imagination knows no bounds, emotions run deep, and the transformative power of theater takes center stage.

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