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Skandagiri: Where Nature Unveils Its Majestic Beauty, Bangalore’s Trekking Paradise

Last Updated on July 13, 2023 by Tariq

Are you an adventure enthusiast looking to embark on an exciting trekking journey filled with stunning views?

Look no further than Skandagiri, an ancient mountain fortress nestled in the small village of Papagni Matt Kalavara.

With its rich history, diverse landscapes, and opportunities for an adrenaline rush, Skandagiri offers an experience that unveils the thrills of the great outdoors.

Named after the Hindu God Karthikeya, also known as Skanda, this mountain peak has been a beacon of adventure, providing a platform for thrill seekers and nature lovers alike.

Let’s explore this natural wonderland together and discover why it has become a must-visit destination for adventure junkies and anyone looking to escape the bustle of city life.

Quick Info

Looking for some quick info? Hope this helps! 🙂


Suddahalli, Karnataka 562103

Entry Fee

On weekdays: INR 250/-

On weekends: INR 500/-

Timings & Visiting Hours

Open from 6 A.M. to 8 P.M., from Monday to Sunday

Nearest Metro

Metro facility is not available for this place. However, you can reach this place either by bus or a private rental car.

Phone Number

040 2750 4849 (Sri Subramanyaswami Temple contact number)


Skandagiri, Karnataka 562103

How to Reach Skandagiri?

By Bus: The scenic town is located merely 70 kilometers from the vibrant city of Bangalore. To travel, one can take buses operated by KSRTC from Bangalore which depart at regular intervals. These buses will drop you off at the town of Chikballapur, which acts as the gateway to Skandagiri.

From Chikballapur, you have two options to reach the foothills. Either hire an auto rickshaw for a quick 15-minute ride or embark on a leisurely 45-minute stroll while soaking in the natural beauty of the landscape.

By Car: You can also rent a car or drive your own vehicle for a fun road trip to Skandagiri. Ample parking space is available at the base.

What not to Miss at Skandagiri

Skandagiri Hills, Skandagiri Hill Trek

Papagni Mutt

The sacred Papagni Mutt temple is a magnificent one-of-a-kind temple, dedicated to Goddess Parvati and several local deities.

The enchanting ambiance within its hallowed walls is so intense and alluring that as soon as devotees set foot inside, they are able to perceive spiritual vibrations.

If you visit on Saturdays, be certain to partake in the unique prayer ceremony held to delight the presiding deity.

Almost all intrepid trekkers make it a point to take blessings through prayers at this sacred site prior to embarking upon their adventures.

Shiva Temple

Perched atop the majestic Skandagiri Hill, the temple draws many visitors who wish to behold its exquisite architectural design.

Within its hallowed walls, Lord Shiva may be venerated in his seated form.

Adventurous trekkers who surmount the challenging ascent to the summit pay their respects to the revered deity upon reaching the top.

Tipu Sultan Fort

Though the fort constructed by Tipu Sultan lies in ruins, some of its walls still stand firm.

The architectural splendor of six concentric fortification walls that can be discerned offers a glimpse into how glorious the fort once was.

The fort is believed to contain 6 shrines within its ruins and features two caves – one at the base and another midway up.

Exploring these caves imbues one with the true spirit of the place.

There is also a stone structure at the very summit where one can rest and recuperate after the strenuous climb.

Tipu Sultan Fort, Skandagiri Hills

Sleep Under The Stars

The beautiful and alluring surroundings of Skandagiri offer night trekkers a unique opportunity to rest beneath the starry sky while taking in scenic vistas.

It provides the perfect respite for those who have made the physical effort to undertake the journey.

Moreover, Skandagiri is one of the few places that permit night trekking, allowing one to experience the natural splendor in the still of the night.

Tips to Follow at Skandagiri

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes suited for trekking
  • Be sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • It is best to avoid trekking Skandagiri during the monsoons as the rain-soaked sand makes the terrain slippery and trekkers risk slipping down the hill
  • For a challenging 10 km trek, ensure you are in good mental and physical condition
  • Start exercising and training at least two days beforehand to properly prepare your body
  • If embarking on a night trek, be sure to bring torches and extra batteries


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is the best time to visit Skandagiri?

If you’re planning to visit Skandagiri, the best time is from April to June and then again from November to March. The weather stays pleasant and the atmosphere transforms into a lovely display of ambient colors. From July to October, the hilltop experiences the rainy season during which, visits should be avoided as the roads may be slippery.

Are there parking facilities available at Skandagiri?

Yes, Skandagiri offers parking facilities at the base for a nominal fee.

Are there hotels near Skandagiri?

Yes, you may find hotels for staying nearby Skandagiri.

(Featured image and other images have been sourced from Karnataka Tourism)

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