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Unveiling the Charms of Catholic Club Bangalore: Membership, Amenities, and More

Last Updated on October 23, 2023 by Tariq

With its ever-increasing youth population, booming businesses, extending nightlife, and roaring party lifestyle, Bangalore has been seeing consistent growth in its clubbing culture.

Posh areas such as Indira Nagar, Brookfield, Koramangala, and JP Nagar now have new pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs popping up every other month.

However, there’s an OG Club in Bangalore that puts every new Gen-Z club to shame.

And it has been standing in its glory since the time of the Independence. 🙂

I am talking about none other than the Catholic Club Bangalore.

Established in the year 1948, the Catholic Club Bangalore was a social association created by the Bangalore Catholic Archdiocese.

In 1951, the club started with 75 families to promote social, recreational, and sporting activities.

Now their membership has increased to 2500 families.

People are ready to throw in twice or thrice the ask to attend their marvelous and highly revered Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Let’s unveil the charms of the Catholic Club in Bangalore and find out how you can be a part of it.

Quick Info


Catholic Club, Museum Road, Bangalore- 560025


Monday – Sunday from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Nearest Metro

MG Road Metro Station

Phone Number

(+91) 8049023333

Email Address


22, Museum Road,

Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

What Makes the Catholic Club Bangalore So Special?

Catholic Club Bangalore

One thing that separates the Catholic Club of Bangalore from the rest of the clubs in the city, is its heritage and cultural significance.

  • The Catholic Club, even though was started and is operated by the Christian trust, has not limited its access and membership to only Catholics or Christians. Members from all communities and ethnicities are welcome at the Catholic Club
  • Apart from running the cultural, social, and recreational programs of the club, the organization has also been operating an Orphan Trust for the last 30 years
  • To remain the top player among the cultural clubs in Bangalore, the Catholic Club has taken great care of its atmosphere and the quality of its members. The membership is given strictly based on referrals

Becoming a Member: How to get Catholic Club’s Membership?

Catholic Club Swimming Pool

Becoming a member of the Catholic Club in Bangalore is no easy feat.

Some have to wait for months before getting a call from their team.

  • The membership of the Catholic Club can only be availed through an existing member. That is, you need to know someone who’s already a member of the Catholic Club, who can propose your membership
  • You cannot apply for the membership independently on your own

There are different membership categories available for you to apply.

However, the membership costs for each one are not specified on their website or any other portal.

Membership Category

  • Donor
  • Life
  • Ordinary
  • Senior Citizen (Member for over 10 years and age over 60 years)
  • Privileged Senior Citizen (Member for over 25 years and age over 70 years)
  • Associate
  • Corporate (3 individuals – 5 years)
  • New Senior Citizen
  • Temporary (3 years)
  • Senior Dependent Member (Children of Members < 24 years)

Catholic Club Bangalore Dress Code

The Catholic Club of Bangalore maintains a dress code for all of its members for each of their occasions.

Wearing anything and everything to the Catholic Club is not permissible for any of its members.

Many family clubs such as the Catholic Club of Bangalore have taken its attendees’ outfits into serious consideration after concerns were raised by female members specifically.

  • This is done to ensure the comfort of all of its members and attendees
  • A modest or appropriate dress code also ensures that the heritage and the goodwill of the club are protected

The club doesn’t have “a uniform” as such to work inside the club.

Nonetheless, every year during their Christmas catch-up they do specify a dress code for participants.

As of the year 2022, for the December Catch-up at the Catholic Club, the dress code was:

  • Strictly Formal for Cake and Wine and Yuletide Ball
  • Gents: Nehru Jacket (Bandhgala), Formal Suit/Odd Coat with a tie/Bow Tie compulsory
  • Ladies: Evening Attire. Jeans/Chinos/Casual trousers/sports shoes/sneakers are strictly not permitted

Culinary Delights: Catholic Club Bangalore Menu

Food at Catholic Club Bangalore

The Catholic Club offers great variety in its menu.

There are multiple food outlets available on its premises where you, along with your loved ones can enjoy a hearty meal exploring a diverse range of palettes.

From Mangalorean-style fish curry and Chinese-style pork curry to the north Indian butter chicken and the chicken and beef steaks, a variety of tandoori bread and meats are thrown in for good measure.

Food outlets available at the Catholic Club are:

  • Le Melange: Serves Anglo-Indian, Goan, Mangalorean, Malabar, Pan-Asian, and Continental food, all under one roof
  • Kori Gassi: A Mangalorean food specialist known for their Drink Chicken
  • Sri Durga Caterers: The longest-serving caterer in the club dishes primarily Indian and Chinese. Continental and weekend special menus have been a recent addition to this place

Finding Comfort: Accommodation and Room Rates at the Catholic Club

Rooms at Catholic Club Bangalore

The Catholic Club in Bangalore offers accommodation for members visiting places afar.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about accommodations at the Catholic Club:

  • There are 14 luxurious double rooms and 2 royal suites on offer
  • Travelers will have access to all the club amenities including a swimming pool and library during their stay
  • 24×7 Internet is available
  • Special buffet breakfast is also a part of the deal
  • Other amenities include room service, a mini fridge, complimentary high-speed internet connectivity, a safe deposit locker, a tea/coffee maker, and satellite TV channels, among several others
  • Check-in at 1400 hours
  • Check out at 1200 hours

Tariffs are as follows: (Valid till 31st Jan 2024, exclusive of taxes)

Deluxe Room





Rs. 2420.00

Rs. 290.00

Rs. 2710.00

Member’s Guest

Rs. 4520.00

Rs. 542.00

Rs. 5062.00

Affiliated Club Member

Rs. 4520.00

Rs. 542.00

Rs. 5062.00






Rs. 2970.00

Rs. 356.00

Rs. 3326.00

Member’s Guest

Rs. 5810.00

Rs. 697.00

Rs. 6507.00

Affiliated Club Member

Rs. 5810.00

Rs. 697.00

Rs. 6507.00

Vibrant Gatherings: Catholic Club Bangalore Events

Oktoberfest at Catholic Club in Bangalore

The Catholic Club Bangalore is extremely popular for their diverse range of activities, events, and engagements throughout the year.

Apart from their most hyped and sought-after party during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, every month there is a member’s catch-up and events organized to engage children, men, women, and senior citizens.

Types of events that take place throughout the year are

  • Monthly Fests
  • Amateur Night
  • Via Dolorosa
  • Catholic Club Snookers and Billiards League
  • Showcasing a Diverse Calendar of Engagements
  • Literature Festival
  • Raffles
  • Live Sports Screenings

Reaching Out: Catholic Club Bangalore Contact Number

Restaurant at Catholic Club Bangalore

For memberships and general inquiries, below are the details for the Catholic Club, Bangalore:

Contact Number: (+91) 8049023333



Catholic Club Bangalore Address

22, Museum Road, Bangalore 560 025

Member Services and Event Reservations

To book rooms at Catholic Club Bangalore for staying and events:

Contact Number: (+91) 9035173831


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the history behind Catholic Club Bangalore?

The Catholic Club, Bangalore is one of the oldest clubs in India started by the Catholic Archdiocese in 1948. In 1951, started with just 75 families, now it has grown to over 2500 families. The club is highly revered because of its atmosphere, heritage, and cultural activities involving all of the family.

What benefits do members receive?

The members of the Catholic Club get a ton of facilities including but not limited to:
1. Monthly sports, events, and get-togethers for families
2. Accommodation
3. Club facilities
4. Discounts on dining and accommodation
5. Free use of facilities
6. Social, recreational, and sporting activities
7. Traditional celebrations for cultural events and holidays

How do I apply for membership and what are the categories?

You can only apply for membership through a proposal from an existing member.
Below are the categories:
a) Donor
b) Life
c) Ordinary
d) Senior Citizen (Member for over 10 years and age over 60 years)
e) Privileged Senior Citizen (Member for over 25 years and age over 70 years)
f) Associate
g) Corporate (3 individuals – 5 years)
h) New Senior Citizen
i) Temporary (3 years)
j) Senior Dependent Member (Children of Members < 24 years)

What are the dress code requirements?

The dress code events are strictly formal. It may change slightly based on the event.
a) Strictly Formal for Cake and Wine and Yuletide Ball
b) Gents: Nehru Jacket (Bandhgala), Formal Suit/Odd Coat with a tie/Bow Tie compulsory
c) Ladies: Evening Attire. Jeans/Chinos/Casual trousers/sports shoes/sneakers are strictly not permitted

Can non-members participate in club events?

Yes, non-members can participate in the club events. Call the club at (+91) 8049023333 for further details.

What cuisines are available on the menu?

Anglo-Indian, South Indian, Goan, Mangalorean, Malabar, Pan Asian, and Continental food are available at different outlets at the Catholic Club.

What are the different room types and their amenities?

There are 14 luxurious double rooms and 2 royal suites on offer. Travelers will have access to all the club facilities along with 24/7 internet and a special buffet breakfast.

How can I stay informed about upcoming events?

a) Call them on the given number: +91 8049023333
b) Check out their website. Every update about upcoming events is published there
c) Join their Facebook Group
d) Be in touch with an existing member

Can members bring guests to the club?

Yes, they can definitely bring guests to the club.

Are there any fitness facilities available?

Yes. There is a fitness lounge, a health club, and an indoor and outdoor game facility.

How does Catholic Club Bangalore contribute to the local community?

Catholic Club takes a lot of initiative to give back as much as possible. They have an active Orphans’ Trust where they raise money to finance food and Christmas gifts for orphans’ kids.

Are there any discounts or special offers for members?

Members usually get access to event passes and club facilities at a discounted rate.

What is the process for booking rooms?

Call the Catholic Club at (+91) 9035173831. You could also email them at

How does the club ensure the safety and security of its members?

The club has surveillance cameras and monitors in place to ensure the safety of its members. They also have security staff members to take care of any mishaps or mistreatment of members. All-over, The Catholic Club focuses greatly on maintaining its overall decorum to avoid any unfortunate event.

Is there a specific procedure for event reservations?

One can call directly on (+91) 8049023333 or (+91) 9035173831 for general queries and reservations.

(Images sourced from The Catholic Club Bangalore website)

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