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Embarking on a Timeless Journey: A Deep Dive into Aumbre Story

Last Updated on December 28, 2023 by Tariq

As an aficionado of crafting living spaces that exude comfort and style, I discovered Aumbre Story like stumbling upon a hidden gem.

Nestled bang on 100 FT Road, Indiranagar, this brand effortlessly transcends the conventional boundaries of home decor.

What I uncovered was more than just a store.

It was an immersive experience that seamlessly blended the allure of timeless elegance with the cutting-edge vibes of contemporary sophistication.

Come along with me on this captivating journey as we peel back the layers of Aumbre Story—a place that rises above the mere label of retail space.

It stands as a sanctuary beckoning those with a yearning to infuse vitality and individuality into their living spaces.

An Overview

Aumbre Story, 100 FT Road, Indiranagar

Aumbre Story, with its roots firmly planted in the cultural tapestry of West Bengal, isn’t merely a marketplace for home decor—it’s an embodiment of artistic expression and thoughtful curation.

The experience begins the moment you step into its embrace, surrounded by an ambiance that resonates with warmth and creativity.

It’s not just a showroom; it’s a haven where design enthusiasts and seekers of aesthetic fulfillment come together.

The charm of Aumbre Story lies in its ability to seamlessly blend the timeless with the contemporary.

It’s an alchemical fusion where classic design principles meet the innovative spirit of the present.

The result is an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary, inviting patrons to explore and interact with the carefully curated collections that redefine the very essence of home decor.

What sets Aumbre Story apart is its commitment to providing more than just products; it’s about offering an experience that speaks to the soul of your living space.

Their managing director, Mr. Shonak Agarwal, puts it across aptly by saying, “It’s our way of breathing life into every space.”

Ambre Story, Shonak Agarwal, Managing Director

The brand curates not just items but entire mood boards that tell a visual story—your story.

These mood boards are a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and artistic sensibilities that guide the selection of every piece, ensuring a harmonious blend that captures each individual’s unique personality and aspirations.

Beyond the tangible products and curated collections, Aumbre Story introduces a digital dimension to the design journey.

The integration of cutting-edge technology allows patrons to envision and virtually step into their dream spaces.

It’s a dynamic approach that reflects a brand willing to embrace the future while retaining the charm of the past—a delicate balance that speaks volumes about Aumbre Story’s vision and commitment to innovation.

This journey is more than a mere exploration of decor—it’s an immersion into a philosophy that believes a home is not just a structure; it’s a canvas waiting to be painted with personal stories and unique aesthetics.

Aumbre Story isn’t about selling merchandise; it’s about creating a haven for those who seek to breathe life and personality into their living spaces.

Join me in celebrating a brand that goes beyond the transactional aspects of shopping—an invitation to embark on a journey of aesthetic discovery and personal fulfillment.

A Warm Embrace

Aumbre Story, Indiranagar, 100 FT Road

Walking into the Aumbre Story outlet in Indiranagar, Bangalore, is like entering a haven of inspiration.

The warm ambiance and the subtle fragrance of exquisite fabrics immediately sets the tone for an extraordinary experience.

With their passion for design and an evident commitment to customer satisfaction, the staff makes you feel welcomed and truly valued.

Curated Collections: Where Art Meets Innovation

The heart of Aumbre Story lies in its meticulously curated mood boards.

These boards are not merely displays of products; they are a visual narrative, telling stories of classic charm with a modern twist.

Each board is a masterpiece, a thoughtful blend of textures, colors, and patterns that resonate with your unique personality and aspirations.

What truly captivated me was the seamless integration of technology into this creative process.

The digital curation of mood boards allows you to not just envision but virtually step into your dream space, a feature that sets Aumbre Story leagues ahead in the realm of home furnishing.

A Symphony of Choices

Aumbre Story is a treasure trove for those searching for a comprehensive home decor solution.

Let’s take a closer look at the breadth and depth of their offerings:


Curtains at Aumbre Story

The curtains collection is a testament to the epitome of style and functionality.

Whether you’re drawn to sheer elegance, blackout options for a restful night’s sleep, or trendy prints to make a bold statement, Aumbre Story has it all.

Each curtain is a piece of art designed to enhance your living space.


Aumbre Story, Blinds

Blinds in various styles, such as Venetian, vertical, roller, and Roman, offer the perfect blend of fashion and function.

With an extensive range of materials, colors, and patterns, you can find the ideal blinds to complement your room’s aesthetics and control the natural light entering your space.

Bed & Bath

Aumbre Story, Bed & Bath

The bed and bath collection invites you to create a luxurious retreat within your home.

From elegant bedding sets, pillows, and duvets to plush towels and bath accessories, Aumbre Story allows you to curate the perfect ambiance for relaxation and rejuvenation.


Upholstery, Aumbre Story, 100 FT Road, Indiranagar

Transform your furniture into stylish and comfortable pieces with their diverse range of upholstery options.

Luxurious fabrics and durable faux leathers cater to various design preferences, ensuring your sofas, chairs, and cushions reflect your style.


Mattress, Aumbre Story, 100 FT Road, Indiranagar

Aumbre Story’s premium mattress collection promises the ultimate comfort and support.

Whether you seek a firm mattress for improved sleep posture or a plush one for a cozy night’s rest, their showroom offers a range of sizes and types to meet your specific preferences.


Wallpaper Designs at Aumbre Story Indiranagar, 100 FT Road

Infuse life into your walls with Aumbre Story’s extensive wallpaper collection.

From subtle textures and classic motifs to bold, contemporary prints, these wallpapers are designed to create stunning focal points in your home.

Redesign a single accent wall or transform an entire room with an array of choices.


Flooring designs at Aumbre Story

Elevate your living spaces with diverse flooring options, including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and carpet.

The flooring collection emphasizes beauty and combines durability and easy maintenance, allowing you to create the perfect foundation for your home’s style.

Rods & Channel

Rods & Channel at Aumbre Story, 100 FT Road, Indiranagar

The little details can make a big difference in your window treatments.

Browse through their selection of rods and channels to find the perfect finishing touch for your curtains and blinds.

With a variety of materials and designs, you’re sure to discover the ideal hardware to complement your window decor.

Mission and Vision: Crafting Dream Spaces

Aumbre Story’s mission is a testament to their dedication—offering thoughtfully curated, innovative home decor collections that deliver uncompromising quality, effortless experiences, and personalized solutions for creating dream spaces.

Their vision is ambitious and inspiring, aiming to be the premium destination for those seeking elevated home styling, where the perfect fusion of craftsmanship, design, and curated collections transforms houses into extraordinary homes.

Brands They Work With: A Symphony of Partnerships

Collaborating with renowned brands such as Somfy, D’Decor, Missoni, Versace, Armani / Casa, Nilaya, Roberto Cavalli, Arte, The Pure Concept, and more, Aumbre Story ensures a diverse and high-quality selection for their customers.

These partnerships exemplify their commitment to excellence and their relentless pursuit of offering the best to their clientele.

A Global Touch with a Local Heartbeat

With its headquarters in West Bengal and a branch retail outlet in Indiranagar, Bangalore, and Siliguri, Aumbre Story has also established a fully modern factory in Tumkur.

This combination of local roots and global aspirations is evident in every aspect of their offerings, reflecting a brand that seamlessly merges tradition with innovation.

Aumbre Story: Contact

Address: 16 F East Topsia Road, 1st Floor, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700046
Phone: +91 62917 66408
Email ID: marketing@aumbrestory.com

Indiranagar Address: Zinoti Elements Pvt Ltd, 57, Defence Colony, Phoenix Building, 100 Feet Road, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru – 560038
Phone: +91-7890667788

Tumkur Road Address: Drapes & Décor (BLR), 2nd Floor, below D’LIFE Home interiors, Om Sri Manjunatha Swamy Complex, 6th Main MS Ramaiah Enclave, Near Nagasandra Metro Station, NH – 4, Tumkur Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560073
Phone: +91-9538079101 / +91-9538079101

Website: https://aumbrestory.com

Aumbre Story, Indiranagar, Bangalore: Location

A Journey Worth Taking

My visit to Aumbre Story left an indelible mark on my perception of home decor.

It’s not just a shopping expedition; it’s a journey into the art of crafting living spaces.

The fusion of classic charm, digital innovation, and a commitment to personalization makes Aumbre Story a destination where dreams come to life.

In conclusion, if you’re someone who sees their home as a canvas waiting to be adorned, Aumbre Story is the palette you’ve been searching for.

It’s not just about decorating your home; it’s about curating an experience that reflects your personality and aspirations.

Aumbre Story is not just a store; it’s a sanctuary for those who believe that a house becomes a home when it tells a story that begins with Aumbre Story. 🙂

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