Farm Land for Sale Near Bangalore

Nature Senses, Farm Land for Sale near Bangalore

Are you looking for farm land for sale near Bangalore? Looking for that perfect weekend getaway, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life?

Well, in that case, you must consider getting yourself a farm land and dwell in the comfort of nature.

Yes, there are a number of farm lands for sale near Bangalore. And even more agricultural plots available in the market.

But why do I highly recommend the options mentioned here?

Farm Land for Sale Near Bangalore

Well, for the below mentioned reason,

  1. It’s from a team that has completed two similar projects and more than a couple of decades of experience in developing layouts and agricultural plots
  2. A team that’s passionate about their end product. And this is quite evident in the detailing that goes into every aspect of the development.
  3. No other development in the vicinity has the features they provide. To name a few, 30 FT internal roads are not heard off in Farm House projects, complete periphery compound wall and not just barbed wires, among plenty more
  4. 80% of the sale of plots is only through referrals. Their customers are truly brand ambassadors of their projects. The group delivers what they promise and even beyond.
  5. Last, but not least, the project has been legally vetted and approved by Hosur’s number one law firm – ‘Vidyabhaskar & Associates’.

Key Features

  1. Giving Nature as a gift to your future.
  2. 24/7 monitoring and security system around the clock.
  3. A weekend getaway destination.
  4. Phenomenal land value appreciation or growth.
  5. Connecting with nature by the means of organic farming.
  6. Red soil fertility is a key factor for agricultural land.
  7. Goshala is a great way to help retain our native breeds.
  8. Sustainable architecture has minimal impacts on the environment.
  9. Enhancing bio-cultural diversity with Ecotourism.
  10. Just 12kms from the upcoming Hosur airport.
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Well, to begin with, the farm land for sale near Bangalore options I have to offer are near Hosur. While technically they fall in Tamil Nadu, these farm lands for sale are in close proximity to Bangalore city limits.

Every Bangalorean knows the traffic woes we face on a daily basis. Check this out.

Time taken to travel from

  • Whitefield to JP Nagar: 22.5 KMs in 1 hour 45 minutes (peak hour traffic). Can even go up to 2 hours
  • Whitefield to Yeshwantpur: 32 KMs in 2 hours 10 minutes (peak hour traffic). Can go up to 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Whitefield to Denkanikotai & Thally (farm plots location): 57 KMs in under 2 hours (during peak hour traffic)

So, what I’m basically trying to drive in here is the excellent connectivity to the farm plots on offer.

Now, for more or less the same travel time, would you consider living in a 30×40 plot (1200 sq.ft) or even a 40×60 plot (2400 sq.ft) as compared to a quarter-acre plot (11,000 sq.ft approx). Build a farm house on 1/4th the land area, i.e., on 2500 sq.ft on land area.

And use the rest of the land for cultivating, farming, have a bar-b-q deck area, a pergola, a water body, wooden benches, and a whole lot more.

Even have Timmy & Tommy run around. Well, if that’s the names of your pet dogs!

And the best bit? At an investment of less than 20% of what you would be paying for a 30×40 (1200 sq.ft) plot in Indiranagar or even in Whitefield for that matter.

Well, that’s exactly what this project offers you. Peace, serenity, tranquility, and nature galore.

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Actual Pictures of the Farm Land for Sale Near Bangalore

Farm land for sale near Bangalore

Community Highlights

No amount of information here will bring out the true sense and feel of the project. One must visit the project. The drive, the ambiance, nature, the view, et al.

Whether you want to sit back and relax on the verandas of your cottages or relish on your meals prepared from fresh organic vegetables from your own backyard, your farm house plot near Bangalore covers it all for you. You can indulge in various traditional sporting activities like bullock cart rides or vintage games like ‘Kuntu Bille’(Hopscotch), ‘Lagori’(Severn stones) ‘Hagga Jaggata’(Tug of war) sandpits and mudbath.

Besides this, there are also other amusements to satiate your senses in Farm House such as Gazebos at different points, Sculpture Garden Herb and Ginger Garden, Yoga Deck For Group Sessions, etc.

To lighten up your urbane mood, there will be a golf patty, skating ring, an open-air gym, billiards/cards room, tennis/ basketball/ volleyball courts, and boating. Enjoy the birds’ habitat, butterfly garden, and a very own pet animal park. Revive yourself in the oasis of green, Ayurveda Wellness Center, Aroma Park/ Thulasi Vanam, and acupressure zone at Farm land which is near Thali.

Or you can just dive into the swimming pool with a perfect pool view, lovely sit-outs, complete with planters’ chairs to laze on with a book and drink on hand. Have real-time experience by involving yourself in activities like games, cycling, walks, and farm work participation or just relaxing on the swinging hammocks.

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This eco-farm stay provides a respite from the isolation of cosmopolitan lifestyles and concrete jungles.

My take on this project

If you are looking for farm land for sale near Bangalore or rather farm plots for sale near Bangalore, do consider this project.

Not only does it give you an option to spend every weekend at (if not live there on a daily basis), but also a huge capital appreciation and return on investment.

I’ve had customers visiting the project and asking me ONLY one common question. Is it ok to invest in a property that falls in Tamil Nadu?

Yes, while the project is close to Anekal town, and Bangalore city limits, the project does fall in Tamil Nadu, very close to the Karnataka border. Having said that, it’s this very reason you are getting an excellent project for this price. Had it been inside Karnataka, you could have looked at a 50% increase in the pricing.

My advice is, GO FOR IT!

If you are interested, mail me at, and I will work out a great deal for you!

Alternatively, you may use the Contact form to send me your interest in this project.

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